{Oh-So Cute} Toilet Paper Roll Necklace

We made this toilet paper roll necklace so easily.

My three-year-old can’t leave the house without wearing jewelry, so we had to come up with a way to turn toilet paper rolls into a necklace (because we LOVE toilet paper roll crafts).

The trick is how you cut the roll.  And, let me tell you, this came out so. darn. cute!

Toilet Paper Roll Necklace Tutorial - Kids Activities Blog

 Make a Toilet Paper Roll Necklace

  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Oil Pastel Crayons
  • Button (optional)
  • String or Yarn
  • Glue

Cut your toilet paper roll in half lengthwise (like a hot dog bun, not a hamburger bun).  And, paint the inside of the toilet paper roll.

**Tip: Use two colors that contrast to make the necklace pop!

Decorate the toilet paper roll craft!

How to Make the Necklace

After the paint has dried, let your kids color on top with oil pastel crayons.  My three-year-old could have done this forever!

Then, flip your project over to trace the flower shape on the back.

Cut the shapes out and punch two holes from the bottom layer.  Thread your string through these holes.  (Check out the handy dandy photo below!)

String and toilet paper rolls are all you need to make this necklace!

Finishing Touches on the Necklace

Now, all you need to do is build a sandwich (yes, a sandwich) to make the flower:

  1. Put glue over the two holes that you thread
  2. Layer the second toilet paper roll cut out on top of the glue
  3. Add more glue (are you imagining sandwich layers yet? I’m going to say this is the cheese…)
  4. Glue the button in the center
  5. Let dry

Note: You can curl and shape the tips of the flower after putting it together

Finished Toilet Paper Roll Necklace Kids Can Make!

This toilet paper roll necklace is sure to be a hit with kids!

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