18 Cool Ways To Make DIY Jewelry

Want to learn how to make jewelry? Making DIY jewelry is so fun. I know so many teens and tweens who would have a total blast with these projects! Here is an awesome collection of bracelets, necklaces and more that you can make without a lot of skill involved.

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Learn how to make super awesome jewelry.

How To Make Jewelry With Your Kids

Turns out making diy jewelry isn’t hard at all. Not with these jewelry crafts. These jewelry crafts are great for kids of all ages, but particularly big kids like elementary aged kids and older.

Learn how to make jewelry with these step by step guides and be super fashionable! I’m sure you and your kids will love at least on of these cool diy jewelry ideas!

Cool Ways To Make DIY Jewelry

1. Fairy Dust Necklace Craft

You have to try making these Fairy Dust Necklaces! Bottle up fairy dust! This would be such a sweet homemade gift idea.

2. Paper Straw Bracelets Craft

These Paper Straw Bracelets are so easy to make! String and paper straws are all you need for this. Use your favorite colors or patterns for holidays like these we made for Independence Day.

3. Zipper Bracelets Craft

Ever heard of Zipper Bracelets? Use a zipper to make a super cool bracelet. via Moms and Crafters

4. Recycled Magazine Bracelets Craft

I love these Recycled Magazine Bracelets. Take your favorite magazines and turn them into jewelry.

5. Washer Necklace Craft

Use leftover washers and make these Washer Necklaces. This is so simple but ends up really beautiful and we love it! Your Home Based Mom

6. Sea Shell Necklace Craft

Wow, how lovely is this Sea Shell Necklace? If you’ve recently been to the beach, this would make a fun souvenir to remember your trip!

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7. Button Bracelet Craft

Button Bracelets are the coolest! I love this  adorable charm bracelet with lots of colorful buttons. via Mum In The Madhouse

8. Felt Ball Necklace Craft

Felt Ball Necklaces are so easy to make. This is a quick 10-minute project. You could make so many colors, one for every outfit! via Polka Dot Chair

9. Band Bracelets Craft

Band Bracelets are super popular and awesome. Here are ten different ways to make band bracelets. These are awesome!

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Look how cute these zipper bracelets!

10. Paper Clip Necklace Craft

Yes, you can make a Paper Clip Necklace! Yes, this beautiful necklace is made from paper clips and duct tape!! via 101 Duct Tape Crafts

11. Macrame Bracelet Craft

Wow! How cool are these Macrame Bracelets? Use this braiding technique for these fun knotted bracelets. via Honestly WTF

12. Glitter Necklace Craft

If you love glitter you’ll want to make this Glitter Necklace! If you love glitter this is fantastic! Plus, it is incredibly easy to make. via Clumsy Crafter

13. Multi-Strand Bracelets Craft

These Multi-Strand Bracelets are so cute! These dainty homemade bracelets just might be my favorite DIY jewelry ever. No one will ever know it didn’t come from a store! via Homey Oh My

14. Book Necklace Craft

Love books? Then make this Book Necklace! Perfect for all the book-lovers, make this tiny book charm. via Live, Craft, Love

18 Cool Ways To Make Jewelry- watch and bracelets and blue glitter necklace- kids activities blog
I love the glitter necklace!

15. Gold Dinosaur Necklace Craft

Love dinosaurs? Make this Gold Dinosaur Necklace! All you need to do is spray paint a tiny figuring for a cool DIY necklace. via Made From Pinterest

16. Glitter Tube Bracelets Craft

If you’re a glitter lover then these Glitter Tube Bracelets are yours! Fill plastic tubing with glitter, beads and water and seal them shut. I love that these move around while you wear them! via Babble Dabble Do

17. Finger Knitting Necklaces Craft

Show your skills with Finger Knitting Necklaces? This great technique for knitting a necklace is super cool! via Hello, Wonderful

18. Craft Stick Bracelets Craft

Make your own Craft Stick Bracelets! Bend craft sticks in water and decorate to make some really awesome DIY jewelry.

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Which jewelry crafts are you going to try out?