It is so fun to make DIY jewelry!

You can create beautiful things with the simplest supplies. You can even recycle old things and turn trash into treasure. These projects would be perfect for a rainy day or to create handmade gifts for friends.

10 DIY Jewelry Projects for Kids

These fantastic jewelry projects were inspired by Babble Dabble Do.

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10 DIY Jewelry Projects for Kids

1. Hang on to all those extra buttons and make an adorable button bracelet. This is fun to make for yourself or to give as a gift! at Kids Activities Blog

2. Learn how to make a simple necklace from mini clothespins clipped to a string. Lots of fun for older kids! via Babble Dabble Do

3. If you love science and fashion be sure to check out this tutorial for glitter tube bracelets. They are so pretty and teach kids about density. via Babble Dabble Do

4. Make these seed bead necklaces to wear and when you are done, toss them in the garden and watch them sprout! via Babble Dabble Do

5. Recycle your magazines after you read them by making DIY jewelry like bracelets! We love projects that recycle old items. at Kids Activities Blog

6.  You don’t need fancy materials to make jewelry. A trip to the office supply store will give you plenty of great jewelry making supplies. via Babble Dabble Do

7.  If you have leftover streamers lying around, use them to make colorful braided bracelets. via Babble Dabble Do

8.  Paint fun shaped dry pasta to string and make a necklace. Add glitter for some sparkle! at Kids Activities Blog

9.  This fun DIY jewelry project teaches you how to make a sweet fairy wand with your little princess. via Babble Dabble Do

10. Make some simple patriotic jewelry for the Independence Day or another occasion with just straws and string. Easy and festive! at Kids Activities Blog

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  1. I love these wonderful fun ideas. In fact we’re having three four year olds sheer tonight and would like to make the necklaces…however, I checked the links and cannot seem to find the specifics e for the necklace photo…? Unless of course I missed something. Maybe you could share in comments the link? Or point me in the right direction? Lol? Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks for sharing all our projects Liz and Holly!!!!! Funny thing is we just bought buttons to make button jewelry too!