We have a great list of toilet paper roll crafts for you today. Kids of all ages will love these toilet paper roll crafts. They’re simple, easy, fun, and budget-friendly. Toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarten kids can benefit from these toilet paper roll crafts. The best part is, you’re not only having fun, but recycling and reusing. It’s a win! Use these toilet paper roll crafts at home or in the classroom.

toilet paper roll crafts- Text: 12 toilet paper tube crafts for kids- toilet paper roll on a white background- kids activities blog
We have a great way for you to reuse toilet paper rolls.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Toilet paper roll crafts are genius.

Seriously!  You are throwing these things away on a weekly basis and here are some ways to repurpose the empty toilet paper tubes as an activity for kids.

Kids Activities Blog LOVES a win-win craft for kids.  Today we are highlighting 12 of our favorite toilet paper roll crafts from It’s Playtime and among some of our favorite blogs.

Fun Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet paper roll craft- rocket ship, octopus, castle, numbers stacking- kids activities blog
How awesome is that toilet paper roll rocket ship craft?

1. Toilet Paper Roll Blocks Craft

Let’s make Toilet Paper Roll Blocks .Create building material out of recyclables including empty toilet paper tubes. I love this idea.

2. Toilet Paper Roll Castle Craft

Check out this Toilet Paper Roll Castle. A little paint and construction paper can transform a simple toilet paper tube craft into a magical kingdom with a castle. This is a sweet activity.

3. Toilet Paper Roll Space Shuttle Craft

How cute is this Toilet Paper Roll Space Shuttle? Space exploration has never been cuter. Love this paper space shuttle made from toilet paper rolls.

4. Toilet Paper Roll Monster Craft

These Toilet Paper Roll Monsters are so much fun. These are absolutely the most precious monsters! Use these easy steps to create toilet paper tube craft creatures that will be the envy of any Wild Things.

5. Toilet Paper Roll Sculpture Craft

Make a Toilet Paper Roll Sculpture! Use toilet paper tubes to teach kids how to use a low temperature glue gun with these photographic sculpture masterpieces!

6. Toilet Paper Roll Deer Craft

Have you made this Toilet Paper Roll Deer? Using twigs and recycled toilet paper tubes, you can transforms these items into the sweetest reindeer.

7. Toilet Paper Roll Toddler Toys Craft

These Toilet Paper Roll Toddler Tubes are so easy to make. Wonderful, colorful toys for toddlers created from something you likely threw away earlier today! I love this idea!

8. Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft

Let’s make a Toilet Paper Roll Octopus! – This toilet paper roll octopus is too cute! It is a simple toilet paper tube octopus we featured here on Kids Activities Blog a few weeks ago by Quirky Momma, Havalyn.

Toilet paper roll craft- Text: how to make a simple tp roll sculpture- stacked toilet paper rolls on flannel background- kids activities blog
Let’s make sculptures using toilet paper rolls.

Toilet Paper Roll Games

9. Toilet Paper Roll Shape Game

Let’s play this Toilet Paper Roll Shape Game. Go on a shape hunt with your toilet paper roll craft binoculars! This inventive way to repurpose toilet paper rolls.

10. Toilet Paper Roll Ramp Game

Let’s make a Toilet Paper Roll Ramp. This simple game creates the perfect bean transportation. I love how this toilet paper roll ramp transforms common household items into an imaginative experience for her kids.

11. Toilet Paper Roll Color Matching Game

Let’s play this Toilet Paper Roll Color Matching Game. Some construction paper and a few colorful pom poms make an easy DIY game that is fun for kids. This simple idea is a great way to have fun.

Toilet paper roll craft- sculptures, pom pom color matching, monsters, building towers- kids activities blog
There are so many cool crafts, games, and activities you can do with toilet paper roll tubes.

Toilet Paper Roll Activities

12. Toilet Paper Roll Math Manipulatives Activity

What are Toilet Paper Roll Math Manipulatives? Learn about fun building and ordering games as part of the Playful Maths Series. Numbers added to tube rings can be used oh so many ways.

13. Toilet Paper Roll Lacing Activity

Practice fine motor skills with Toilet Paper Roll Lacing. These super sweet pre-sewing ideas include this hole punched toilet paper tube for yarn lacing.

More Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids From Kids Activities Blog

Which toilet paper craft did you try out?

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  1. The octopus is definitely a must-feature. Seriously adorable!

    Thanks for including our space shuttle!

  2. We are loving toilet roll holder crafting currently and I just watched a hangout with lots of bloggers showing their ideas too. Thanks for sharing this.