edible necklaces

Our kids love to wear edible jewelry!  They love it because it is fun.  I love it because it is an easy, portable snack!

Edible Necklaces:

edible candy necklaces

I think that you are going to have a blast making (and eating) these necklaces ¦
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Candy Necklaces:

This marshmallow necklace is so adorable!  Seriously!  Our kids would love wearing this one.
found on familyfuncrafts.com  

How about making it a little more glamorous with a rock candy necklace?  If I didn’t know that it was edible, I would think that it was real stones!
found on 1finecookie.com  

If you have a wedding in your future, this is just the most adorable edible flower candy necklace that I’ve seen.  It would be so cute to give as a favor for the flower girl!
found on onewed.com

For older kids, a gumball necklace would be a huge hit (to make it easier, use a metal skewer to poke the hole through the gumball and then put your string through for the necklace)
found on onelittleproject.com

This cookie necklace  is SO adorable.  It looks just like a diamond! I would do this for a little girl’s birthday party.
found on funfamilycrafts.com

healthy edible necklaces

Healthy Necklaces:

Use any food with this little trick to get just about any food to go onto the thread.

Make a fruit necklace with strawberries, grapes and more
found on Pinterest.  

Or this veggie necklace – this would be a great way to get the kids to eat some vegetables!
found on Pinterest.

A cereal necklace is always easy and fun for kids.  You can make a pattern or do color sorting like this one.
found on TipJunkie.com

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