Turn Your Kids Artwork Into Jewelry! My son comes home from Kindergarten every single day with a new piece of artwork. As a sentimental mommy, I adore them all and have such a hard time parting ways them once they’ve grown to a ridiculously enormous stack.

There are lots of fun ways to store your kids artwork, but I can’t think of a better way than a piece of jewelry I can wear every day. They’re also a perfect gift for mom, grandma or aunt. All you have to do is send them a photo of the drawing!

Turn Your Kids Artwork Into Jewelry

Turn Your Kids Artwork Into Jewelry

This wearable art by CaitlynMinimalist takes your kid drawing and cuts in out of gold, rose gold or silver and it’s absolutely incredible.

Kid Drawing Necklace

This resin bangle bracelet by JakMilo is another fun option. I think kids would love wearing their artwork around like this, too! If you love color, this one is great.

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Kid Drawing Bracelet

The Metamorphosis07 shop shrinks your kids artwork down on fine art paper and preserved in jewelers grade resin, making it incredibly durable.

Kid Artwork Jewelry

This necklace by TequilaSilver etches your kids drawing onto a sterling silver pendant. You can put something on both sides so it would be fun to have them write their name on the back!

Kids Artwork Jewelry

This adorable pendant from Little Gem Girl prints your kids artwork in a thick glass bevel inside a silver tray. I just love this one.

Kid Drawing Jewelry

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