25 {Amazing} Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

We have so many fantastic toilet paper roll crafts for you today!

I bet you never realized how many things you could create from that simple piece of cardboard.  We’re about to show you how creative you can get!  We found so many of these great crafts from the things you’ve been sharing with us over on our Facebook page.

25 {Amazing} Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

 25 {Amazing} Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

1.  Easily create an octopus with just a little paint and a a toilet paper roll.

2.  Perfect for Valentines Day, make these adorable heart-shaped binoculars from Happily Ever Mom.

3.  Create this cool giraffe and use it as a finger puppet!  Download a helpful template at Spoonful.

4.  Turn a tissue box and a toilet paper roll into a bunny!  From Hands on As We Grow.

5.  Make your own Rudolph reindeer for Christmastime.

6.  Create your own Sesame Street characters to play with like these from Toddler Art Projects.

7.  Turn your Easter eggs into aliens by making them this body made from a toilet paper roll.  From Spoonful.

8.  Add green tissue paper to an empty toilet paper roll and make a fall apple tree!  From Reading Confetti.

9.  If you’re anxious for Spring, make these adorable sheep by covering a TP roll with cotton balls.  From Red Ted Art.

10.  This toilet paper roll jet is a really fun project for a little boy!  From Crafty Crafters.

11.  Create a festive wreath for any occasion with a paper plate and a TP roll.  From Reading Confetti.

12.  These adorable penguins are made from empty TP rolls, too!  From Cindy deRosier.

13.  Make a miniature fairy house village like this one from Red Ted Art.

14.  Paint a few TP rolls green, string the together, and you’ve got yourself a snake!  From Preschool Crafts for Kids.

15.  Perfect for a Halloween party, these googley eye napkin rings are adorable!  From Spoonful.

16.  Give your figurines a ride on a lama!  From Mer Mag.

17.  Make a whole zoo full of toilet paper roll animals like these cool ones from Red Ted Art.

18.  Toilet paper rolls can even make music!  Here is how to use them to make a set of maracas.

19.  Make a shiny rocket with a TP roll and tin foil.  From Sassy Dealz.

20.  These hot rods from Spoonful are incredible.  Make a whole racing team!

21.  This doodle owl is a really adorable craft from Red Ted Art.

22.  Here’s a list of five quick and easy things you can do with your empty TP rolls.  From Thrive 360 Living.

23.  Spread a little peanut butter on a TP roll, cover it with bird seed, and you’ve got a bird feeder!  From Juggling With Kids.

24.  These spiders from MollyMoo can be really sweet or really spooky – you’re pick!

25.  Get your Nerf guns out and have target practice using TP rolls as the target.

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