We have so many toilet paper roll crafts! So, save those toilet paper rolls! We have gathered so many toilet paper roll crafts that your kids are going to love. Kids of all ages, younger kids, older kids, everyone will love all these toilet paper roll crafts! From silly toilet paper roll crafts to nature, educational, animals, and more, we have all the toilet paper roll crafts. These are great whether you’re doing them at home or in the classroom.

70+ Toilet paper roll crafts- star mobile, cardboard tube shark, octopus toilet paper roll, turkey toilet paper roll craft, and apple toilet paper roll stamp
There are so many cardboard tube crafts to choose from. Which ones will you try first?

Best Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Most of these crafts can be done with things you have home including household items. The only constant is the need for empty toilet paper rolls. Some you may need a glue stick or some kind of basic supplies and craft supplies, but they’re easy peasy to get at any dollar store.

But we have a fun craft for everyone. Whether you’re trying to find an easy way to keep your kids busy on a rainy day, or whether you’re needing something for your curriculum, we hope you’ll find what you need amongst these diy projects and awesome craft ideas.

Toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids will benefit most from these cute toilet paper roll crafts. However, we do have a few easy toilet paper roll crafts for older kids too. Oh! Did I mention we have creative crafts for the holidays too? Halloween toilet paper roll crafts? Got em! Christmas? Got em! Hanukah? Got em! We have something for the whole family.

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Fun Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet paper roll craft- rainbow made with paint, toilet paper rolls, cut into rainbows.
You can use toilet paper rolls to make a rainbow!

1. Painting Rainbows With Tissue Paper Rolls

This is a perfect tissue paper roll craft for toddlers and preschoolers. Cut your tissue paper rolls into round strips and let your little one make happy little rainbows.

2. Paper Roll Printing Activity

Grab your paper rolls and paint to make this amazing stamping art. It looks like flowers! Add extra paint, tissue paper, and newspaper and make a beautiful collage.

Toilet paper roll craft- toilet paper roll submarine with a straw, orange and teal paint
How cute is this toilet paper roll submarine? I love the colors.

3. Toilet Paper Roll Submarine Craft For Kids

How awesome are these toilet paper roll submarine craft for kids. All you need is 2 colors of paint, paint brushes, glue, construction paper, and straws.

4. Toilet Paper Roll Ballerina Craft

Love Swan Lake? The Nut Cracker? Then try your hand at these cute toilet paper roll ballerina crafts! Look how pretty each ballerina looks! They even have beautiful tutus. As a little girl, I always wanted to be a ballerina.

Toilet paper roll craft- Large boat made with cartons, toilet paper roll, and gray, black, and red duct tape
This toilet paper roll and carton ship reminds me of the Titanic.

5. Homemade Boat Craft

Grab duct tape, paint, an old milk or juice carton, and a paper towel roll to make this boat. It’s big, and so much fun to play with afterwards. This craft would be great for preschoolers.

6. Toilet Paper Robot Craft For Kids

Use toilet paper rolls, balls, pipe cleaners, and a box to make a robot! It’s so cool looking.

Toilet paper roll crafts- cardboard tube race cars that are green, red, brown, and blue on wood floor
How awesome are these cardboard tube race cars?!

7. Cardboard Tube Race Cars

Make race cars using cardboard tubes! Paint them different colors, give them wheels, and race! Vroom!

8. Cardboard Tube Robots Tutorial

Grab your toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes using paint and markers! They’re so cute! Give them buttons, eyes, and even funny mouths.

Toilet paper roll crafts- cardboard tube monster craft that are red, black, and plain with googly eyes, and rubber bands
Rawr! Make these cardboard tube monsters!

9. Cardboard Tube Monsters

These are perfect for pretend play! Make silly monsters using paint, toilet paper rolls, googly eyes, and rubber bands! What a cute face!

10. Toilet Paper Roll Dolls

Promote pretend play with these cute toilet paper roll dolls. Make people, animals, give them crazy hair, or hats, these are so awesome. What a cute idea.

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11. Paper Roll Pirate Dolls

Toilet Paper Roll Craft- Toilet paper roll pirate craft with ping pong ball head, curly hair, coats, peg legs, and hats
Arr! Walk the plank with this pirate toilet paper roll craft!

Arrrr! Walk the plank Matey! Or just have fun with these paper roll pirate dolls! They’re so easy to make and super awesome! Such a fun idea.

12. Shoe Box School Bus

Don’t let the name fool you. You need toilet paper rolls for this craft too. How else will the bus move? That’s right! The toilet paper rolls are the school bus’s wheels! The wheels on the bus go round and round…

Toilet Paper roll craft- DIY toilet paper roll wrist watch made with pen
Learn to tell time with this DIY toilet paper roll wrist watch.

13. DIY Cardboard Tube Wristwatch

Learn about telling time with this super cute craft! You can use toilet paper rolls to make cuffs with watches drawn on them. Draw the minute hand, and hour hand, and have your little one tell you what time it is.

14. Toilet Paper Roll Little Bo Beep and Lambs

Little Bo Beep has lost their sheep….wait, there they are! Make Little Bo Beep and her sheep using toilet paper rolls, fabric, glue, and string.

Toilet paper roll crafts- cardboard box and cardboard tube craft with paper and tape on top
I love how colorful these cardboard building blocks are.

15. Recycled Building Blocks

Use soap boxes and toilet paper rolls to make building blocks! You can decorate the boxes with washi tape!

16. Tin Foil Bangles

Be fashionable with these tin foil bangles. All you need is tin foil, toilet paper rolls and washi tape. If your kid is bigger you can always you a gift wrap tube too! Any big card board tube will work.

Toilet paper crafts- rainbow rings made with toilet paper rolls on white paper
Use toilet paper rolls to stamp paper with rainbow colors.

17. Toilet Paper Printing

Explore colors and shapes using toilet paper rolls. This toilet paper roll printing is a great craft and activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

–>Make personalized beach towels!

18. Toilet Paper Car For Kids

Grab that toilet paper roll, those bottle caps, and race off to get your art supplies. This toilet paper car is a great craft and can promote pretend play afterwards.

Nature Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet paper roll craft- orange leaves fall toilet paper tree on concrete outside
Toilet paper roll trees are such an easy craft to make! You can use this as a fall or spring craft.

19. Bubble Wrap Cardboard Tube Tree Craft

Grab your toilet paper roll and paper towel rolls to make lovely trees! Paint bubble wrap and use it to make leaves on paper to make your trees colorful and full of foliage.

20. Cardboard Tube Craft: Fall Fingerprint Tree

Use the cardboard tube as the trunk of the tree, and use foam or construction paper for the foliage. Then use finger paints to make the individual leaves.

Toilet paper roll craft- toilet paper bird feeders hung on a branch with white string
Did you know you can use toilet paper rolls to make a bird feeder?

21. DIY Bird Feeders Using Paper Tubes

Almond butter, bird seed, yarn, golfing tees, and paper tubes are all you need to make this DIY bird feeders. Feed your flying friends all year round.

22. Toilet Paper Roll Snowflake Toddler Craft

This is such a great craft for toddlers. Grab some cardboard rolls, cut the bottoms, and dip them in paint, and stamp construction paper. They make beautiful snowflakes, each one a little different. Just like us!

Toilet paper rolls craft- apple print painting using red paint and toilet paper rolls on white paper on a brown branch with green leaves
What?! You can make apples with toilet paper rolls? How cool!

23. 2 Tier DIY Bird Feeder

Make this 2 tier diy bird feeder! All you need is a nut butter, bird seed, twine, and a toilet paper roll and paper towel roll. It’s great to give back to the animals.

24. Apple Stamping

Toilet paper rolls can be used to make apples! This is such a fun fall craft! Toilet paper roll stamps are so easy to make.

Toilet paper roll craft- toilet paper tree with paper and fruit loop leaves
This is a fun variation on making a cardboard tree.

25. Toilet Paper Roll Fall Tree Craft With Fruit Loops

Use toilet paper rolls to make a trunk, construction paper, and fruit loops to make a vibrantly colorful fall tree. Yellows, reds, greens, orange, fruit loops make great leaves.

26. Cardboard Tube Flowers Craft

This is a great craft for toddlers, preschoolers, or even kindergarteners! You can celebrate spring or summer by making these super pretty flowers! Just need tissue paper, markers or paint, pipe cleaners, and toilet paper rolls. Don’t forget to make a vase!

Holiday Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet paper roll craft- toilet paper tube and pipe cleaner whimsical tree with fairy doll, unicorn, and deer toys on black background
How whimsical are these cardboard trees?

27. Whimsical Winter Trees Toilet Roll Craft

Grab some toilet paper rolls, some beads, sparkly pipe cleaners, and tinfoil to make these whimsical winter trees! Perfect to make around Christmas time!

28. Paper Tube Christmas Tree Craft

Oh Christmas Tree! How lovely are your branches! Now you can make your very own Christmas tree using paper tubes from toilet paper or paper towels. Paint them green and add glitter, faux gems, and even sparkly pom poms.

Toilet paper roll craft- rainbow lucky clovers using colorful paint and toilet paper rolls (4)
Make your own 4 leaf clovers!

29. Paper Angel Christmas Craft

How angelic! These angels use a paper roll for a body, and the wings and head are made from a paper plate. Add some paint, glitter, a face, and a sparkly pipe cleaner and it is complete! What an amazing holiday craft.

30. DIY Heart Shape Stamps

Make beautiful hearts! Use a toilet paper roll, tape, and paint to stamp paper and cards. This would be a perfect craft and activity for Valentine’s day.

Toilet paper roll craft- heart shaped stamps made with toilet paper rolls
Say I love you with these heart shaped stamps!

31. DIY Valentines Boxes Made From Cardboard Tubes

Give out candy with these DIY Valentine boxes! All you need is washy tape, paint, and card board tubes like from toilet paper rolls.

32. Shamrock Stamping For Toddlers

Take 4 toilet paper cardboard tubes and glue them together. Then you’ll push the tubes in to look like hearts. It may look weird, but when you dip the cardboard stamp into paint, then on paper, it looks like lucky clovers!

Toilet paper roll craft- Emotional dolls made with toilet paper rolls
Learn about emotions with these toilet roll dolls.

33. Emotional Christmas Fairy

Use paper tubes to make these cute Christmas fairies. The best part is, your kids can learn about emotions. Are the Christmas fairies mad? Happy? Sad?

34. Kids Homemade Menorah Using Cardboard Tubes

Skip the fire hazard and make a kid-friendly menorah. The best part is that this menorah is easy for kids to make. Celebrate Hanukah while letting kids being hands on with this kids homemade menorah using cardboard tubes.

Toilet paper roll craft- toilet paper roll Grinch craft
Make the Grinch using toilet paper rolls, paint, felt, and cotton balls.

35. Cardboard Tube Grinch and Max Craft

Move over jolly St. Nick! Here comes the Grinch and Max! You can make them using cardboard tubes. Don’t forget to give them fluffy Christmas hats.

36. EID Poppers Using Toilet Paper Tubes

Celebrate New Years Eve with these EID toilet paper tubes. The best part is, once you pop them there are Jordan almonds in them.

Toilet paper roll craft- toilet paper roll 3 wise men with crowns, bears, and hair
I love this 3 Wise Men craft! Look at their beards.

37. The 3 Wise Men Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Make the 3 wise men this Christmas using toilet paper roll craft. Don’t forget to give them big beards, smiles, eyes, and even head pieces.

38. No Sew, No Glue, Paper Roll Christmas Elves

These Christmas elves are so cute! Look how comfy they look with their little hats, and dresses. The best part is, all you need is a stapler, old socks, paper rolls, and markers.

Toilet paper roll craft- Cupcake liner and toilet paper roll turkey craft
You can make a turkey for Thanksgiving with toilet paper rolls, paper, cupcake liners, and googly eyes.

39. Cupcake Liner and Toilet Paper Tube Turkey Craft

Use toilet paper rolls and cupcake liners as well as googly eyes to make this super cute turkey craft. This is the perfect craft for Thanksgiving.

40. Christmas Paper Roll Characters

Make Santa and Mrs. Clause using toilet paper rolls, cotton balls, wooden balls, paint, and pretty sparkly foam! I love this Christmas character craft!

Toilet paper roll craft- shiny star and toilet paper roll Christmas topper
This DIY star Christmas tree topper is so easy to make.

41. DIY Star Topper Craft

Use paper tubes to make a DIY Star Topper Craft. Every Christmas tree needs a star topper.

42. Snow Owl Ornaments

I love these so much! Use paper rolls to make the body of the snow owl ornament. Add sparkly foam, and vinyl eyes and beak. They’re so classy looking. This is a great toilet paper roll craft for older kids or adults.

Toilet paper roll craft- American flag made with toilet paper rolls, red paint, blue tape, white stars and silver tape
I love this patriotic toilet paper tube craft.

43. American Flag Cardboard Tube Craft

Celebrate the United States with this great patriotic craft. Red and blue paint, silver or white washi tape, and paper starts to replicate the flag using cardboard tubes.

44. Thanksgiving Craft With Paper Rolls

Make your own Turkey place cards using paper rolls and construction paper! These are super cute, festive, and colorful.

Toilet paper roll craft- brown paper with stamps- Christmas bauble wrapping paper
Made your own Christmas bauble wrapping paper!

45. DIY Christmas Stamper

Make your own Christmas wrapping paper using paint and toilet paper rolls. Presents are great, but make it even more special with personalized wrapping paper.

46. DIY Advent Calendar

Save 25 toilet paper rolls this year to make this DIY advent calendar. Cut them down, put sweeties and goodies in them and wrap them with tissue paper. Then add pretties, and number them. It’s great.

Toilet paper roll craft- toilet paper roll emotional craft that looks like Santa
Learn emotions with this Santa craft!

47. Santa Christmas Craft For Toddlers

Ho ho ho! Make Santa using toilet paper rolls, pom poms, felt, paint, cotton balls, a soda tab, and a pipe cleaner. This Santa Christmas craft for toddlers is so easy to make and uses a lot of items you may already have.

48. Emotional Santa Doll

Make another Santa doll using a toilet paper roll, but this one is a little different! Your little one will be learning about emotions! Does Santa have a sad face? Smiley face? Angry face?

49. Frosty The Snowman

Make Frosty the Snowman using a toilet paper roll doll and felt. But it is an emotional doll, so how is Frosty feeling? Sad? Angry? Happy? Scared?

Cardboard Tube Animal Crafts

Toilet paper roll craft- fluffy sheep craft using toilet paper rolls, googly eyes, black felt, and cotton balls
Baaa, baaaa, love this fluffy sheep craft.

50. Love Bug Caterpillar Craft Using Paper Tubes

This love bug caterpillar craft for kids is so much fun. Use a toilet paper roll, make it heart shape, paint it your favorite color, and use pom poms, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners to make a love bug!

51. Cardboard Tube Sheep Craft

Baaaaa! Make a little sheep with fluffy white fleece using a cardboard tube, cotton balls, and googly eyes! How cute.

Toilet paper roll craft- Octopus toilet paper craft with pom poms and paint
This toilet paper roll craft has 8 legs and lots of colors.

52. Octopus Paper Towel Roll Craft For Toddlers

Grab your paper towel rolls, paint, pom poms, and glue! Your octopus can be your favorite colors, have fun colorful legs, oh, and don’t forget googly eyes.

53. Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft

Use empty toilet paper rolls to make this super cute octopi. They’re so colorful, they’re smiley, and I love their googly eyes! Their long curly legs are also cute. This toilet paper roll octopus craft is great for preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice their fine motor skills.

Toilet paper roll craft- Bumble bee made with plastic, paper, googly eyes, and toilet paper roll
How cute is this preschool bumble bee craft?

54. Preschool Bumblebee Craft Using Toilet Paper Rolls

This craft is great for preschoolers. You can make a bumblebee using a paper roll, wax paper, foam, pipe cleaners, construction paper, markers, and googly eyes.

55. Toilet Paper Tube Octopus

Make another octopus using construction paper, toilet paper roll tubes, crayons, markers, and scissors. This is a great craft for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Toilet paper roll craft- shark toilet paper roll craft with teeth and googly eyes on a yellow background
Dun dun, dun dun, dun dun dun dun!

56. Shark Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Who doesn’t love sharks?! Use paper tubes to make these cute sharks. They even have super pointy teeth!

57. Snowy Owl Handprint Craft

How cute are these fluffy wings? Cotton balls and handprints make sweet little wings. Look at their big ole eyes. This snowy owl handprint craft is so cute.

Toilet paper roll craft- toilet paper honeycomb bee craft with stuffed bee and cardboard honeycombs
I love this honeycomb bee craft. It’s so clever.

58. Paper Tube Honeycomb Bee Craft

Learn about bees and honeycombs using toilet paper rolls. This is a fun nature craft that is also educational.

59. Cardboard Roll and Cupcake Liner Butterfly Craft

Bust out those random cupcake liners you have in the cabinets and extra toilet paper rolls, paint, markers, and pipe cleaners to make this super cute butterfly craft.

Toilet paper roll craft- Use paper to make lion face, mane, and toilet paper rolls
Roar like a lion with this toilet paper roll lion craft.

60. Lion Cardboard Tube Craft For Kids

Make the lion roar with this lion cardboard tube craft for kids. The tube will act as it’s body, and you just need glue, markers, and construction paper to make the rest of the lion.

61. Toilet Roll Penguin

Penguins are awesome! They’re black and white with an orange beak and some of them even have crazy hair. You can make your own toilet roll penguin so easily!

Toilet paper roll craft- Lion craft with paper, pipe cleaner, and toilet paper roll
We found lion crafts for toddlers too!

62. Lion Crafts For Toddlers

Make a lion using paint, paper, pipe cleaners, markers, pencils, and yes toilet paper rolls!

63. Five Little Crows

Remember the song Five Little Crows? Now you can make them all using toilet paper rolls! Look at their wings!

Educational Toilet Paper Roll Crafts and Activities

Toilet paper roll craft- toilet paper roll games with letters and math that look like apple trees
Apple tree math and letter games are a great way to learn.

64. Toilet Paper Roll Apple Trees

Use extra toilet paper rolls to make apple trees. The best part is, when you’re done, you can use these trees as part of a fun and educational math game. Who would of thought toilet paper roll crafts could be so much fun?

65. O Is For Owl Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Learn the letter o and craft! Use a toilet paper roll to make the cutest owl with big eyes! Don’t forget about it’s yellow beak and colorful feathers.

Toilet paper roll craft- shiny star and toilet paper roll How to catch a star craft
Check out this “How To Catch a Star” craft!

66. How To Catch A Star Craft

Read the book “How To Catch a Star” and then use cardboard tubes to make shooting starts! Gold and silver starts to catch.

67. Visual Addition Pom Pom Drop Using Cardboard Tubes

Use pom poms, cardboard tubes, to do math. It’s fun, it’s interactive, and a great way to learn to count and add. It’s a great activity for toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarteners.

Toilet paper roll craft- Lord Rama toilet paper craft with mustache and gold crown
Learn about Indian culture with this Lord Rama toilet paper roll craft.

68. Lord Rama Toilets Paper Roll

Learn about Indian culture with this craft! Make Lord Rama, a leader whose victory over the ten headed demon king, Ravana, is popular lore in Indian culture.

69. DIY Suspension Bridge

Learn about science with this STEM activity. Build a bridge using tape, paper toilet rolls, and string. You can learn about other suspension bridges too like the Golden Gate Bridge.

Toilet paper roll craft - Very Hungry Caterpillar made with paper and toilet paper roll stamps
Everyone loves “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”!

70. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Inspired Cardboard Roll Paintings

Read the Very Hungry Caterpillar and then make your own using red paint, green paint, a brown marker and cardboard rolls.

71. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cardboard Tube Craft

Another great Very Hungry Caterpillar craft! This one uses a cardboard tube to make the a Very Hungry Caterpillar. Paint his body green and his face red, just like in the book!

Toilet paper roll craft- colorful toilet paper roll Christmas craft mailbox holding kid's letters
How festive is this Christmas mailbox ornament?

72. Jolly Christmas Postman Mailbox Ornament

Make a special ornament for your Christmas tree using a toilet paper roll and paint! This would be a great way for Elves or Santa to leave letters! Or to send letters to them!

73. Honeycomb Chore Chart

Learn about responsibility and life skills with this honeycomb chore chart. Make it colorful and vibrant and then add chores that kids can simply complete.

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What toilet paper roll craft are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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