Toilet Paper Roll Craft {Make an Adorable Octopus}

This easy toilet paper roll craft for kids is something sure to make them run around the house seeking empty toilet tissue rolls! In fact, this toilet tissue roll craft may be just what you need to assure your family removes the empty rolls.

Kids Activities Blog loves when stuff you have around the house can be turned into arts and crafts!

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Rory loves octopus!

I am not sure where her love for octopus came from.   I think it started wish her ABC puzzle, because for the letter “O” there is a cute picture of a purple octopus.   Since then, I  think she is quite intrigued by octopus and their many legs.   She   has even been known to tell people that she wants an octopus tattoo.

Today we decided to make Octopus out of our old toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

Toilet  Paper Roll Octopus

Here’s what you need to make this Toilet Paper Roll Octopus:

  • paint
  • paper towel and toilet paper rolls
  • scissors
  • markers

These were fun for Rory to make — and so affordable!   We started saving toilet paper holders and paper towel holders a few weeks before starting this toilet paper roll craft.   When we had a few saved up we began by painting the outside of the rolls.   We painted several colors and Rory loved to paint them herself.   When we finished painting them we let them sit to dry.

When they were all dry,27 we started cutting the bottom of the rolls.   We cut them about a centimeter thick around whole tube. We cut them around 3/4 to the top of the tube.   These are your tentacles!   We then painted the underside of each one of little flaps we cut, and we let them dry.

When they were all dry we took a pen and curled them from the bottom of the to the top.   When the tentacles were curled, we made faces on them.   Rory liked to line them up as mommy, daddy, Rory, and baby  octopus.

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus 1 Toilet Paper Roll Octopus 2

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  1. Let us hear it for toilet paper tubes. YAY! I can’t stand to toss them out any more.
    I love your octopus.

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