Looking for pirate crafts and pirate activities? We have them! These pirate crafts are perfect for little pirates! These fun pirate crafts are perfect for kids of all ages, your young pirate will love each easy pirate craft whether it’s done at home or in the classroom!

25 Pirate Crafts Kids Can Make

Pirate Crafts for Kids

Argh! Shiver me timbers! Avast ye land lubbers! It doesn’t have to be Talk Like a Pirate Day to make some fun pirate crafts! Kids love make believe and playing pirate, so check out some of these great ideas for celebrating everything pirate. Yo ho ho!

We’ll start with the pirates themselves. Paper plates, cardboard tubes, or even a doll. What can you turn into a pirate?

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Pirate Puppet Crafts For Kids

25 Pirate Crafts Kids Can Make

Pirate Ship Crafts

A pirate wouldn’t be a pirate without his ship! After all, the word pirate means a person that robs at sea. Here are some fun pirate ship ideas for you to make.

25 Pirate Crafts Kids Can Make

Pirate Booty Craft Ideas

Booty is the gold, jewels and riches that a pirate steals from others while at sea. Often they’ll bury their treasure and create a treasure map so they can find it again later.

25 Pirate Crafts Kids Can Make

Be a Pirate Crafts – Make Believe Play

Dressing up like a pirate is fun and makes for a great afternoon of imaginative play! You can make everything you need to be a pirate, no need to buy a costume. Here are some great ideas!

25 Pirate Crafts Kids Can Make

Why We Love These Pirate Crafts and Pirate Activities

These pirate crafts are a great way to not only keep kids busy, but to promote pretend play, and work on fine motor skills! And they’re so creative! When I was a kid we just made a newspaper pirate hat.

There are so many more adorable pirates crafts. From finger puppets, to a treasure hunt, and all the pirate adventures in between, there is enough pirate crafts and pirate play for everyone!

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How did your pirate crafts turn out?

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