They Acted Out The 12 Days Of Christmas And It’s Hysterical! [Video]

We all have our favorite Christmas songs.

Mine is Santa Baby.

It was the first time I heard Eartha Kitt sing and she is absolutely one of my favorite singers in the world, so every time I hear that cheeky song, it makes me smile all over again.

12 Days of Christmas video - gift that keeps on giving - Kids Activities Blog
The 12 Days of Christmas acted out video is the gift that keeps on giving…every year!

The 12 Days Of Christmas was never even in my top ten, but the 12 Days After Christmas is…again, because it’s cheeky and not what you’d expect from a Christmas song.

This version, though, this is one I seek out every year because it takes one of my not favorite songs and makes it adorable and hilarious and something I want to see over again over again.

Take a look!

12 Days of Christmas Acted out Video

I seriously have no idea how they kept that up for the entire song.

Especially the partridge in the pear tree part.

It’s brutal.

And hilarious!

Chonchee chonchee!

Can you hear me now? 

I love this.

So hard.

And I will watch it every single time it comes up.

Which, I guess, makes it one of my favorite Christmas songs.

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