If you’ve never heard Peter Hollens sing, then you’re missing out. He sings these Christmas carols beautifully! But you won’t believe who he is singing with! Spoiler alert, it’s himself! But how is Peter Hollens singings and harmonizing all by himself? Using some talent, recording, and edits, he puts together a beautiful video of Christmas cheer. Check it out!

Nativity scene lights from outdoor Christmas light show - What Child is This
Christmas is the time for singing.

Christmas Carols

Christmas is my favorite time of year. The lights, the music, the crisp, cool feel of the air nipping at my nose.

Don’t get me started on the food. And yes, we all get a little stressed trying to get everything done to make Christmas perfect for our families, but there are also perfect moments that happen in between.

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Moments like this… Peter Hollens has one of the most hauntingly beautiful voices you’ll ever hear, and when he decided to sing What Child Is This, he did it in a way that I’ve never heard it before.

A-capella, yes, but HE’s the one singing all the parts!

Take a look!

Peter Hollens Sings What Child is THis Video

Truly, how beautiful is that?

This has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs, but this version has now leapt to the front of the list as far as favorites.

I’ll definitely have to download it before we decorate our tree this year!


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What are you doing to kick off the Christmas season? What did you think of Peter’s version?

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