These Nightmare Before Christmas kids crafts are so much fun! Whether it is Halloween, Christmas, or just because you love Nightmare Before Christmas, kids of all ages will love these budget-friendly crafts. There are even some Nightmare Before Christmas for grown ups too! These are perfect for at home or in the classroom.

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All of these Nightmare Before Christmas crafts are great.

Nightmare Before Christmas Kids Crafts

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without Jack Skellington. He is the Pumpkin King after all (I will wait while you Hail to him).

So while you might be thinking of decorating your home with ghosts, zombies, or something cutesy, I am brewing up a master plan containing  25 The Nightmare Before Christmas Ideas  that will help get me through the long, dark nights of October. Even if you’re not decorating this year, you can still watch the Pumpkin King on TV, as The Nightmare Before Christmas is definitely in our top Halloween movies for kids.

So come take a walk with me through a creepy old cemetery and at the end, you might just find the spooky idea that you have been lurking for!

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25 The Nightmare Before Christmas Ideas

1. DIY Jack Skellington Charger Plate Craft

Greet guests with this Jack Skellington Charger Plate that is creepily chic.

2. Chocolate Covered Jack Skellington Oreo Treats

Got a sweet tooth? Don’t worry, these Chocolate Covered Jack Skellingtons have got you covered- literally.

3. Jack Skellington Night Light Craft

Ward off the darkness with this Jack Skellington Night Light.

4. Jack Skellington Cookie Recipe

These Jack Skellington Cookies scream sweetness.

5. Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Design

Your nails deserve a nightshade treatment and this Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Design is the answer!

6. Jack Skellington Marshmallow Pops Recipe

Easy yet delicious these Jack Skellington Marshmallow Pops are the perfect treat.

7. Oogie Boogie Cupcake Recipe

The Oogie Boogie is under your bed, but these Oogie Boogie Cupcakes are not at all in your head!

Nightmare before Christmas kids crafts with jack skellington, recipes, and activities
I love all these Nightmare Before Christmas kids crafts.

8. DIY Jack Skellington Ornament Crafts

The pumpkin king  can literally hang around with these DIY Jack Skellington Ornaments.

9. Sally Pumpkin Craft

You can create this Sally Craft Pumpkin by stitching your little heart out.

10. Zero The Ghost Dog Craft

Make your own Zero The Ghost Dog that can hang around and be your new best friend.

11. Undead Bullet Hole Duck Craft

To make your own Undead Bullet Hole Duck would be quack-tacular!

12. Jack and Oogie Boogie Lunch Box Recipe

Nothing could spread the holiday cheer better than this Jack and Oogie Boogie Lunch Box that is full of fearful eats and treats.

13. Jack Skellington Chocolate Covered Apple Recipe

Eating these Jack Skellington Chocolate Covered Apples will be the best thing you enjoy all week!

14. Jack Skellington Measuring Spoon Craft

Whipping up spooky goodies just got easier with these Jack Skellington Measuring Spoons.

15. Jack Skellington Life Size Prop

What’s this? What’s this? It’s a Jack Skellington Life Size Prop!

16. Oogie Boogie Decoration Craft

A squash turned into an Oogie Boogie Decorative item– plain Brilliant!

Jack skellington crafts nightmare before christmas kids crafts
I love the Sally pumpkin!

17. Sally Potion Bottles Craft

You need a bottle for that potion! Make your own Sally Potion Bottles  just don’t leave them within your kids reach!

18. Jack Skellington String Garland Craft

Jack Skellington String Garland is a great decorative idea for all year long!

19. Nightmare Before Christmas Printable

This Nightmare Before Christmas Printable is the most inexpensive Halloween item you will own (because it’s free)!

20. Nightmare Before Christmas Glow In The Dark Shoes Craft

Let your children show their love for Nightmare Before Christmas with these Glow in The Dark Shoes!

21. Oogie Boogie Cross Stitch Craft

Make your own Oogie Boogie Cross Stitch and hang it around for all the ghouls to see!

22. Pumpkin King Cocktail Grown Up Recipe

This Pumpkin King Cocktail is one recipe just for the grownups!

23. Jack Skellington Pillow Craft

Learn how to make this awesome Jack Skellington Pillow that can be used all year long!

24. Jack Skellington Cake Craft

This Jack Skellington Cake is something even the beginner baker can make.

25. DIY Jack Skellington Costume Craft

Last but not least, a DIY Jack Skellington Costume just in time for Halloween.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween and Christmas craft ideas

More Nightmare Before Christmas Kids Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

Which Nightmare Before Christmas kids craft are you going to try first?

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