This is the best family Christmas dance ever! Christmas is all about cheer, joy, and happiness. And what better way to share Christmas cheer than an epic Christmas dance. As someone who cannot dance, I love watching other people dance and this Christmas dance will bring everyone joy! Check it out!

Family Christmas Dance- Screen shot of video of family dancing to Christmas songs

Christmas Dance With The Family

Christmas is about family spending time together. No outside distractions, just time, and food, and music, and memories being made. For some of us that means cooking a big meal together, or decorating the tree. For this family, it’s their annual Christmas dance. This is the sixth year these eight siblings have put together a dance for Christmas, and, as always, it is Epic! Take a look!

Video: Best Family Christmas Dance

I love the idea of this so much! It’s like one of those things you imagine when you aren’t telling people what you imagine. That your family might someday be the Von Trapps. Or Jackson 5. Or, maybe they’ll just put on one perfect Christmas dance every year. Yeah, that would work.

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Check out this little Zumba instructor, she is so precious and loves to dance!

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What did you think of this family Christmas dance?

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