Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and for some nothing is more Christmasy than Star Wars.

For my brothers, growing up, Christmas was all about watching the trilogy (that’s changed now) and of course this year watching Rogue One.

chewbacca singing silent night video is funny
I am just imagining Chewbacca would definitely choose a pink guitar…

I think that’s why Chewbacca singing Silent Night feels just so darn Christmasy.

It’s perfect for this time of year.

Not just the singing, of course, but the campiness, the fun, blending Star Wars and Christmas in a way that just makes it so stinking brilliant that we can’t help but laugh.

Seriously, whoever did this…my hat is off to you.

Take a look!

Chewbacca Silent Night Video

How do people even come up with these things?

This is hilarious!

I mean, is there someone just sitting around watching Star Wars and thinking, “Huh. I bet Chewie would sound great singing Silent Night…”

I don’t know what brought it about, but I’m so happy it’s here.

And this TOTALLY made my day!

More Chewbacca Reasons to Live…{giggle}

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