Pentatonix ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ Is A Perfect After-Thanksgiving Treat!

We love Christmas. Full confession: we are one of those families who starts celebrating Christmas the day after Halloween. No kidding. Yeah, yeah, Thanksgiving is in the middle but part of what we’re thankful for is our love of Christmas. There’s nothing more beautiful than sitting down to a hot Thanksgiving dinner with the Christmas tree already sparkling in the background and carols on the radio. Pentatonix gets me. If Pentatonix showed up at my front door caroling, I’d bake them cookies. From scratch. Who wouldn’t? They’re Pentatonix. Thing is, Christmas is the time for them to shine. These songs were practically written for voices like theirs. Not that they haven’t mastered pretty much every song they’ve ever performed, but Christmas songs sound even more amazing coming from their lips. Just take a listen!

Seriously, how much did this blow you away? Like I said, if they showed up at my door, I’d definitely put on the full Betty Crocker for them. Since that probably isn’t going to happen, I’ll just keep playing this in the background as I make cookies for the fam to enjoy.

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