Pregnant Mom And Daughter Dancing Together! Cute! [Video]

When some women are nine months pregnant, it’s all they can do to get up to pee…

…that is the kinda woman I identify with!

It was all I could muster up the energy for was growing a human.

Pregnant mom dances with daughter video - Kids Activities Blog
Growing a human takes energy!

But for others, like the mom below, all they want to do is dance!

Pregnant Mom & Daughter Dance Video

Have you seen anything cuter than this little girl and her mommy dancing together?

I’m not sure I’d have that much energy, but I love how much fun they seem to be having!

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Dancing Into Labor Video

This mommy has issued her eviction notice and she’s doing anything she can to usher her little bundle of joy into the world.

Thriller Dance Video

This mommy will do anything to see her cutie pie…including dancing to Thriller.

She says in the comments that it worked…only, eight days later.

Good job, mommy!

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Did you dance through your pregnancy?