Making homemade ornaments during the Christmas season is a fun family tradition that doesn’t have to be complicated. These DIY Christmas ornaments are easy to make and fill your tree with memories that you can unwrap and decorate your tree with each year. Kids of all ages and adults will love to make handmade ornaments as keepsakes.

easy Homemade ornament ideas for you to make - collage of 4 handmade ornament ideas for kids to make including salt dough hearts, reindeer candy canes, fabric balls and filled glass balls - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make some DIY Christmas ornaments!

DIY Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

We have a family ornament-making day each Christmas season which helps make memories and keepsakes for the years to come.

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Each year we have a new homemade Christmas Ornament to remember each year. It makes Christmas a little more special when you can keep yearly memories.

We found the best homemade Christmas ornaments that were easy DIY ornament ideas that can be made with and by kids of all ages.

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FAvorite Homemade Christmas Ornaments

1. Essential Oil Ornament

Fill your home with the scents of Christmas with this oil diffusing ornament.  – via Kids Activities.

2. Fingerprint Heart Ornaments

Adorable! Capture your child’s fingerprints in these tiny heart keepsake ornaments. They’re cute, colorful, and simple to make using salt and flour.  via Mama Papa Bubba.

3. Meet Rudolph

This meet Rudolph burlap ornament is easy to make and doubles as a candy cane holder. It is cute not only for your Christmas tree, but would make a great gift. – via Inch of Creativity.

4. Jersey Pom Pom Ornaments

Make a cute pom-pom ornament from an old T-shirt. This is a cute ornament that is unbreakable. Perfect for a home with small kiddos. – via Skip to my Lou.

how to make homemade ornaments that your family will love
Look how awesome those science ornaments are! They’re crystals!

Handmade Christmas Ornaments Kids can Make

5. Bottle Cap Reindeer

CUTE! These reindeer are made from bottle caps, twigs and googly eyes. – via Dollar Store Crafts

6. Science Ornaments Made From Crystals

Do a science experiment and decorate your tree “ at the same time “ with these crystal ornaments. – via Science Kiddo

7. Fabric Ornaments

Use scraps of fabric to upgrade an old ornament. Wrap them and add some festive sprigs. “ via lever Housewife

8. Snowman Ornaments

This Snowman Face is a super easy concept to re-create using an old ornament. – via Crazy Little Projects

homemade ornaments for christmas

DIY Ornament Ideas for Christmas

9. Origami Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Paper is light and versatile! Create some origami star ornaments to decorate your home. – via Homemade Gifts Made Easy

10. DIY Baby Ornaments

Remember your child’s first year by turning their baby shoes into an ornament. Be sure to write the year on the sole. – via Meegan Makes

11. Shadow Box DIY Ornament Ideas

I adore this DIY shadow box ornament with mini action! – via Mod Podge Rocks

12. Tiny Snow Globe Ornaments

Transform a light bulb-like ornament into a tiny snow globe. You will need glitter, glue and a tiny tree. – via No Biggie.

13. Christmas Tree Ornament

Wrap yarn around a Styrofoam cone to create a fun tree-like ornament. Easy and cute! Plus, they are so colorful and adorable with little danglies. This is one of my favorite homemade Christmas ornaments. – via Craft Passion.

christmas ornaments that kids can make from baked clay, paper towel rolls, and popsicle sticks.

Christmas Tree Decoration Crafts

14. Homemade Christmas Ornaments With Things Around The House

Kid-made Idea: Create ornaments for your tree from scraps of cardboard, aluminum foil and jewels. – via Kids Activities.

15. Christmas Dough Ornaments

Air Dry clay is the perfect medium to create one-of-a-kind ornaments. Trace birds into clay using a coloring page to make these ornaments. – via Kids Activities.

16. Popsicle Christmas Tree Ornament

So easy, preschoolers can make it “ and they look great! Make a popsicle stick tree. – via Spoonful Blog.

17. Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments

Use Spraypaint to create mock-mercury glass ornaments. Just paint over old toys to get a fun new look. – via Create, Craft, Love.

18. Paper Towel Glitter Ornaments

Cut paper towel tubing into rings to create these glittery stars. Great for preschoolers or kids to make. – via Spring Of Faith

19. Mini-Terrarium Ornament

Make a mini-terrarium “ use bits of moss and greenery to fill the bottom of your ornament. – via Brit.

These homemade ornaments are amazing. The glittery pine cone ones are my favorite, though the snow globe ornament is beautiful. But the apple sauce and cinnamon ornaments are also beautiful.
I can’t decide which of these homemade ornaments I love most.

Ornaments for Christmas to MAKE

20. Glitter Toy Ornament

Cover a small toy with glue, glitter and a top coat of clear nail polish to add some sparkle to your tree. – via Kids Activities.

21. Self Portrait Ornament

Create a self-portrait of your face with clay to put on the Christmas Tree. – via Kids Activities.

22. Applesauce and Cinnamon Ornaments

Applesauce and cinnamon ornaments these are a fun Christmas tradition at our house. We make them every year! – via Baked By Rachel

23. Mini Snowglobe Ornaments

Create a mini-snowglobe with a fun glass ornament and some white glitter and greenery bits. – via Mod Podge Rocks.

24. Natural Snowman Ornament

Did you cut down a tree this past fall? Use a slice from one of the branches to make a snow man’s face. – via Clumsy Crafter.

25. Tie Dye Ornaments

Use alcohol ink (we make our own recipe in the book) to dye ornaments into a gorgeous mottled look. – via By Stephanie Lynn.

26. Glittery Pinecone Ornament

Cover pinecones with glitter for a fun sparkly tree ornament. The colors are fun! – via The Homes I have Made.

27. Pipe Cleaner Icicle Ornaments

Twist metallic pipe cleaners into dangling icicles add beads and you have a sparkly tree ornament. – via Happy Hooligans.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments with Pictures

28. A Beautiful List Of Homemade Christmas Ornaments

These simple yet beautiful ornaments with pictures from SheKnows are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

29. Photo Snowglobe Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Can you say super fun and gorgeous? This snowglobe photo ornament from Tidy Mom® will be the talk of the town.

30. Wooden Photo Frame Ornaments

With just a few simple supplies, you can create these stunning homemade photo ornaments from The Crafting Chicks.

31. DIY Photo Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Glitter anyone? You will have a blast making these shiny photo ornaments from Making Lemonade Blog.

How to hang christmas ornaments - Kids Activities Blog
Here are some of our favorite ways to hang ornaments…

What do you use to hang ornaments?

There are a variety of things you can use to hang your ornaments. You can use:

ornament anchor christmas ornament hooks
Ornament anchors can easily be locked into place so your homemade ornaments don’t fall off the tree!

More Homemade Ornaments from Kids Activities Blog

There are so many amazing homemade ornaments you can make with your kids this Christmas. If you need even more inspiration try these:

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Which is your favorite homemade ornament for Christmas? Which are you going to make this year? 

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