DIY Christmas Advent Calendar with FREE Printables

One of my favorite childhood traditions was getting a Christmas Advent Calendar each year. I loved searching the little boxes for the chocolate surprise.

 I have the same tradition with my children; they also get an Advent Calendar but this year I thought we would make a DIY Christmas Countdown to celebrate the holiday season.

Printable Advent Wreath

Advent Calendar Wreath

I usually do the 12 Days of Christmas filled with family activities and this year will add 12 Acts of Christmas Kindness.

Supplies You Need To Make This Advent Calendar Printable Craft:

  • Wreath Form – I used a 12″ wood form (you can also use cardboard)
  • Wooden Clothespins – 50-90 (depending on wreath size)
  • Hot Glue or Tacky Glue
  • Craft Paint (enough to cover one side of wreath form)
  • Washi Tape
  • Advent Printables (see below)


How To Make An Advent Calendar Wreath

  1. Layout wreath form on a flat surface and line up clothespins around the form.  Find a pleasing amount.  Not too close and not too far away from each other.
  2. Taking approximately a 6″ piece of Christmas Washi Tape; center on top of the clothespin.
  3. Press the Washi Tape down firmly on clothespin and tuck under both ends.  Press down the tape all over.
  4. Paint the wreath form.  Let dry.  Once it is dry, lay out the clothespins in a pattern you like.  Line up the edge of the clothespins with the edge of the inner circle.
  5. Hot glue or tacky glue the clothespins in place.  Continue all the way around the wreath adding glued clothespins.
  6. You can mix and match the direction of the clothespins if desired. Or keep them all one direction.


This wreath is so simple to make, but it is super cute and an exciting way to keep the festive mood going this entire Christmas season! Plus, this is a great way to keep your kids from asking; “How many days till Christmas.”


Because they’ll be able to count down with various Christmas activities to do as a family.


Advent Wreath Printable Craft

Print the Advent Printables

I recommend printing the  Christmas Countdown PDF on card stock.  Print the paper flowers on regular printer paper.

Decorating Your Advent Calendar Wreath

  1. Cut out the Christmas Countdown banners – there are two colors to choose.  I decided to layer them and use both.
  2.  Find where you want to attach and add a dot of glue to each end.  
  3. Layer a cardboard snowflake if you want on top of banner ends.
  4. Cut out the paper flowers.  You do not need to be exact.  It will look like a shabby paper flower and will look adorable either way!
  5. Starting in the center of the flower, roll the paper around until it is the size flower you want.
  6.  Add a dot of glue to the end of the paper flower to hold together. Decide how many flowers you want to add to the wreath.
  7.  Mixing small and large blooms together.
  8.  Add glue to the back of the flowers and attach to wreath.


  Ta-Da! Look what a festive Christmas Advent Calendar you made! It’s decorated and beautiful!


Finishing Up Your Advent Calendar Wreath

Free Advent Wreath Printables

Finishing Your DIY Advent Wreath Craft

  1. Print the Advent pockets – page 1 and 2.
  2.  Cut out all pockets and assemble.  
  3. Cut out, fold on white lines, fold tabs to the back and glue to create a tiny pocket.  
  4. Add slips of paper with your Christmas activities.


I can’t wait to use the Christmas Countdown Calendar in a few weeks to celebrate the joys of Christmas and the meaning of the season.   Need Inspiration on what activities to do with your family?

I am getting together with a few blogger friends for a 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Tutorials Blog Hop!

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