Another BIG sale is available for our favorite Book a Day Advent Calendar…This Advent calendar filled with a book a day IS AVAILABLE FOR 2024! The last two years, this has been a HUGE hit and sold out multiple times so I just wanted to let you know…

Book a Day Advent Calendar Book Collection from Usborne - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s read a book every day this holiday season!

Advent Calendar for Kids…& Families

Choosing the best Advent calendar each holiday season for a countdown to Christmas can be a challenge. After finding this Advent calendar that opens to a full story book every single day, our choice is obvious! 24 books as a countdown to Christmas will make December so much more fun!

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Big Sale on Advent Calendar — Limited Time

You can now get…

Limited Supply of Advent Calendar

These Advent calendars will be in limited supply and our Kids Activities Blog community and Quirky Momma FB page have already purchased a BUNCH…

I got this in the mail a week before it was released for sale in 2021 and got SO excited. It is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time and it will be used daily this holiday season even though my kids are older!

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Usborne Advent Calendar Book Collection

This is a huge book of books! This is how the countdown to Christmas book collection is described:

Behind each window of this calendar is a classic story to share as the excitement for Christmas builds. Once the big day comes, you’ll have a little library to treasure forever.

Paper Pie Books
Usborne Advent Calendar Window Day 1 - book a day - Kids Activities Blog - finger opening the first advent calendar day
Let’s see what book is behind day #1!

This giant well-crafted book measures 12 inches x 16 1/2 inches and comes with a storage sleeve that slips entirely over the Advent calendar which would be great if you want to store it for the next year. The sleeve is also where the included books are listed so if you don’t want the kids to see what books might be next, you can remove it before giving it to them.


24 story books inside the book advent calendar - Kids Activities Blog
These are the 24 story books inside the Advent calendar…

What Books are Included in the Book Advent Calendar?

There are 24 classic story books included in the reading Advent calendar – one for each day counting up to Christmas:

  1. The Wizard of Oz
  2. Aladdin
  3. Chicken Licken
  4. Cinderella
  5. Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  6. Jack and the Beanstalk
  7. Little Red Riding Hood
  8. Pinocchio
  9. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  10. The Ant and the Grasshopper
  11. The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar
  12. The Elves and the Shoemaker
  13. The Emperor and the Nightingale
  14. The Emperor’s New Clothes
  15. The Frog Prince
  16. The Gingerbread Man
  17. The Jungle Book
  18. The Little Red Hen
  19. The Nativity
  20. The Nutcracker
  21. Twas the Night Before Christmas
  22. The Three Little Pigs
  23. The 12 Days of Christmas
  24. The Princess and the Pea
Each day of the advent calendar has a book to read - Kids Activities Blog
So many books…24 to be exact!

They are cute little books with really vibrant full color illustrations that tell an entire story. These Advent calendar story books would be great for sitting on the couch and reading as a family, or the perfect bedtime story for each December night.

They are books that could be read over and over.

Inside the daily advent calendar books - Kids Activities blog
Take a peek inside the adorable story books…

Advent Calendar Opening Windows

Each day, kids can open a window or door in the Advent calendar to find the book for that day. The calendar is created with thick, colorful cardboard with perforations around each numbered window, and a cutout perfect for little fingers.

The numbered calendar doors obscure the title of the books until the window is opened.

You could store the read books back in the doors or make a little book display next to the calendar as the countdown continues.

The Advent calendar is free-standing and could be integrated into any holiday decor.

Countdown to Christmas with the Usborne Advent Calendar book collection - Kids Activities Blog
Reading together every day is such a great way to countdown to Christmas!

What Others are Saying About the Book Advent Calendar from Paper Pie

There are reviews on the sales page (see it here), but I grabbed a few quotes that I thought might be helpful:

…new Advent calendar book collection is gorgeous and was much larger than I expected.

5 Star Review dated 10/4/2021

Love love love this advent calendar! Open the little window and one classic story is waiting for the little one to enjoy.

5 Star Review dated 10/5/2021
The Book Advent Calendar Stands up on its own - Kids Activities Blog
The Advent calendar stands up on its own and is a great way to decorate for Christmas.

Limited Supply of the Advent Calendar Book Collection

The Usborne company has been selling the Advent Calendar Book Collection at an unexpectedly rapid rate and it is common for their popular products to sell out.

Grab yours HERE <–and pick one up for a friend with the 2 pack!

More Advent Calendars & Countdown Fun from Kids Activities Blog

What type of Advent calendars have you enjoyed with your kids? What part of the book a day Advent calendar was your favorite?

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  1. I would have loved to have seen this list of Advent calendars a month ago. It is too late to get one now when we are a week in.