Christmas Wreath Craft

Last year, we decided to make our own holiday decorations. It’s a great way to welcome the holiday season with the whole family. That’s why today we are sharing 4 DIY Christmas wreaths to hang on your front door that are so much fun!

Image shows 4 different christmas wreath crafts. from Kids activities blog
These wreaths are the perfect addition to your holiday decoration!

Favorite Wreaths For the Christmas Season

It is the perfect time for holiday crafts! There’s nothing more fun than making your own Christmas wreath. It’s a great way to give good use to your leftover craft supplies, or you can find them in any dollar store.

Objects like paper plates, pom poms, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and pretty much anything you can think of, are perfect for making a beautiful Christmas wreath.

Adults and kids of all ages will have so much fun while making these easy Christmas crafts to put on the living room or their own room:

  • Younger kids will work on their hand dexterity and color recognition skills, while older kids will find this craft relaxing and inspiring.
  • Some of these beautiful wreath ideas are more complex, making them the perfect activity for adults.
  • We’re sure everyone will enjoy making a fun craft this Christmas time!
Christmas wreath paper craft - Kids Activities Blog - finished wreath
Hang your Christmas wreath on your front door for everyone to see!

Christmas Wreath Paper Craft

Get your creative juices flowing with this Christmas wreath paper craft! This DIY wreath idea is a bit more complicated for younger kids to do on their own, but they can help with the final decorations, like adding red pom poms and holly leaves.

Image shows a paper plate christmas wreath.
You don’t need a lot to make this beautiful DIY project.

Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

Make a paper plate Christmas wreath! It’s a fun craft perfect for the whole family and doesn’t take too much time. We also included a free printable with a bow and holly leaf to help you make this cute craft.

Image shows a finished origami wreath with pinecones underneath it.
Place some pine cones next to your wreath for a super festive look.

Origami Christmas Wreath

Let’s make an origami Christmas wreath! All you need is origami paper, glue, a ribbon, and small beads! Follow the step-by-step tutorial, and you’ll have your own minimal look Christmas wreath.

Paper Wreath Craft - Kids Activities Blog - result
This paper wreath will bring joy to your home!

Paper Wreath Craft

Kids of all ages will have so much fun making this festive Christmas paper wreath craft which includes downloadable free templates for the leaves. The end result is a Christmas paper plate wreath that doesn’t take too much time.

Want more Christmas crafts? Try these from Kids Activities Blog:

Which Christmas wreath craft was your favorite? Write it down in the comments!

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