It feels like every year, the countdown to Christmas gets longer and longer. Are we sure it’s still only 24 days? Thank goodness for advent calendars for kids, to keep me and my family sane.

Aside from providing a way to count down to Christmas, advent calendars are a cute part of any holiday decor! They capture the magic of gifts, and time together. We even love to throw Christmas Activities into ours! A little dose of joy for each day, leading up to Christmas.

A child chooses a gift box from a wall covered in christmas lights. Their home made advent calendar is cute, and memorable.
A little smile for each day of December!

For mom and dad, we have the beer advent calendar from Costco. Or maybe the Costco Wine Advent Calendar… we haven’t decided, yet!

My son is still on the Fortnite Advent Calendar, but that still leaves plenty of kids for me to shop for! I even found an advent calendar for our dog!

The Best Advent Calendars for Kids

The most common advent calendars, these days, are the ones with little toys inside! When I was growing up, they were a lot less fancy than they are, now. I’m kinda jealous! Part of me wants to get the Pokemon Advent calendar for myself! You can even take these toys and put them to stuff your own, fun Advent calendar, if you’d like!

These are the best rated and most popular advent calendars for kids, available on Amazon!

Lego Harry Potter with Collectible Toys

Muggles and wizards alike will love this collection of buildable Lego figurines!

Dinosaur Advent Calendar

Rawr means “I love you!” in dinosaur! Show your love with these amazing little dinosaurs you get to hatch!

Doll Dress Up Holiday Countdown Accessory Set

Make their doll’s outfits extra special, this holiday season! They can dress up their doll in a new outfit each day, with accessories!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Funko Figures

More wizarding magic! You can collect 24 Harry Potter Funko figures, with this advent calendar!

Christmas Mochi Squishable Countdown

My youngest loves squishy toys! I never find her pockets without one or two, when laundry time comes. These winter holiday squishable toys are perfect!

Rock, Mineral, & Fossil Collection

Inspire a young scientific mind, every day leading up to Christmas! With new rocks, minerals, and fossils each day, they are sure to be delighted!

Special Edition Holiday Pokemon

This one makes me smile so hard! I love the little Pikachu, Eevee, and others! It is just too adorable – I need it!

Hot Wheels Holiday Surprises

Hot Wheels are a classic, and a favorite, each year! 2020’s new car collection is a delight for collectors of all ages!

Fantastic Slime Advent Calendar

Who doesn’t love a good slime! These Holiday Slimes make an advent calendar any child would be delighted to use to countdown to Christmas.

Candy Advent Calendars

A sweet tradition, is a candy advent calendar! This is a great option if you don’t want to deal with a bunch of little toys. With five kids in my house, that would be 120 tiny toys! Much easier to let everyone count down with their favorite candies, instead!

Child in a Santa hat is picking the first item, from their home made advent calendar.
Put fun surprises in each day!

Fill Your Own Advent Calendar

If you’d rather plan some activities and make memories each day, there is an advent calendar for you! Blank advent calendars are a great option! You can put recipes, coloring pages, and more inside each! A new memory each day, as Christmas approaches.

Not everyone has the time to make a DIY advent calendar, and that’s ok! Some are blank, and can be painted. Others are decorated already and need only be filled with ideas to make memories. We even have a list of advent activities, ready for you!

Wooden Advent Calendar with Santa Decoration

Very cute, and likely to fit in with almost any decor! This is great if you change things up every few years, like me.

Refillable Advent Drawers

Simple and full of joy! I love the typography on this one.

Red and White Christmas Calendar

This one makes me think of my favorite Christmas Pajamas! It doesn’t have any days numbered, though.

Santa’s Sleigh Unfinished Advent Calendar

This would be so much fun to paint red, with my kids! We could paint the numbers onto the drawers in white or gold!

Burlap Hanging Advent Countdown

This one would look super cute with some twinkling lights along the string!

Christmas Tree Calendar with Drawers

I’m a sucker for anything tree shaped, this time of year, so this one was strongly considered!

Snowman with Tree Advent Calendar

This is the one I ended up buying! It is just so cute! Inside each drawer will be a small piece of paper with an activity for us to do, or recipe to make, as a family!

Countdown to Christmas

If the extent of your holiday tradition is counting down to Christmas, that’s ok! All that matters is that it is special to you, and your family. Here are some Christmas Countdowns that you can use to make the noting of each passing day a little more special!

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