Do you love Christmas and Christmas treats? Making Christmas treats is one of my family’s favorite Christmas traditions. Lots and lots of Christmas treats, to be exact. Here are more than 40 easy and fun Christmas Treats that we can’t wait to make this holiday season.

40+ Fun Christmas Treats To Make With Your Family  - Christmas treats - 6 pictured penguins, m&m brittle, christmas trees, bell cakes, snowman cookies and peanut butter cups
Let’s make a Christmas treat!

Homemade Christmas Treats

Isn’t it funny how sights, sounds, and tastes make up so much of those special holiday memories?

My great-aunt passed recently, and she was the major cookie maker in our family. With just a bite of one of her cookies, I am transported back to my childhood Christmases with her! We have found some easy recipes for favorite Christmas treats that I know that she would have loved.

Favorite Christmas Goodies

1. Penguin Bites

Penguin cookie treats for Christmas from Delightfule Made - 3 rows of penguin cookies with 4 cookies each shown on a white wood background.
This could possibly be the cutest Christmas treat of them all!

Penguin Bites are made with a nutter butter of your choice for a special occasion. You can swap that out for sunflower seed butter if you are baking for someone with a nut allergy, too! Delightfule Made

2. Elf Rice Krispie Treats

Elf hat Rice Krispie treats from Totally the Bomb shown displayed on a white tray on a colorful green and red background for Christmas
What sweet treats are made with rice krispies!

Elf Rice Krispie Treats totally look like little elf hats, and they are so fun to make and make the most festive treats! From Totally The Bomb

3. Santa Nutter Butter Cookies

Santa nutter butter treats on a platter from Simplistically Living with Christmas ornaments and snow surrounding the cookie platter
Look at this Santa cookie treat!

I don’t need to say any more, these are sweet, salty, and delicious! Loving this yummy recipe from Simplistically Living! What a cute addition to any cookie platter.

4. Christmas Crack

Christmas crack from I Heart Naptime shown in stacks with red and green M&Ms
Nothing tastes better at Christmas than this…

This Christmas Crack recipe, is such a Christmas classic and reminds us that it really is the most wonderful time of the year! So easy it is to make, too! From I Heart Naptime

5. Christmas Tree Brownies

Christmas tree brownie treats from One Little Project at a Time - chocolate brownie cut in a triangle with green frosting swirled across and ball sprinkles as tree decorations with a yellow star at the top
Oh Christmas tree treat! Oh Christmas tree treat!

Easy Christmas Tree Brownies are just that! Easy! All you need is a wedge pan and green frosting and the whole family will want to have the first bite. From One Little Project At A Time

Cookie cutter fudge treats from Betty Crocker - ornament, bell and tree cookie cutters filled with fudge and decorated with candy on a cookie sheet
What an easy way to serve fudge…and festive!

Fudge Inside Cookie Cutters are the cutest way to gift fudge! I never would have thought to package them inside a cookie cutter. This has become one of my favorite things! From Betty Crocker‘s 

7. Snowman Cookies

Snowman Cookies are so sweet! Complete with jaunty hats made from chocolate chips! From Taste of Home

8. Buck-Eye Brownie Cookies

Buckeye brownie treats for Christmas from Tastes of Lizzy T - three buck-eye cookies stacked on top of each other with blue background
I could live on this treat…I mean, it’s possible, right?

Buck-Eye Brownie Cookies are the best mix of chocolate and peanut butter! I dare you to take this to cookie exchanges…stay safe! From Tastes of Lizzy T‘s 

Kid-Friendly Christmas Treats

40+ Fun Christmas Treats To Make With Your Family

That’s kind of an oxymoron… kids love all Christmas treats, but these recipes in particular will leave visions of sugarplums dancing in their sweet little heads!

9. Cookie Butter Treat

Easy cookie butter recipe from Kids Activities Blog for Christmas treats - bowl of cookie butter surrounded by pretzels for dipping on a white platter
This treat has an unexpected ingredient…

Cookie Butter is basically a spreadable cookie! You can use it to help decorate your gingerbread house, too! It makes an unexpected Christmas gift from the kitchen.

10. Holiday Mug Cake

holiday mug cake from Simplistically Living shown from above in a blue mug with red and green m&m candy and a snowflake napkin
Mug cakes are super easy treats to make.

My daughter loves helping me make Simplistically Living‘s Holiday Mug Cake. She gets a kick out of the fact that her cake is in a mug and it is one of the super easy treats in our list.

11. Pretzel Reindeer

reindeer cookie treats recipe from Hungry Happenings - two cookie reindeer with red noses on a winter background
Rudolf cookies are so yummy and cute!

Pretzel Reindeer, from Hungry Happenings, is a super chocolatey Christmas cookie recipe that’s easy to make! Perfect for your sweet tooth this Christmas.

12. Snowman’s Bark

snowman bark cut up into pieces from The Decorated Cookie
Snowmen have never been cuter!

The Decorated Cookie‘s Snowman Bark is a cute way to decorate your bark! It is like holiday sprinkles snowing around the festive bark snowmen.

13. Pretzel Log Cabins

pretzel log cabin gingerbread house treats from the Cooking Channel
You could make pretzel log cabins big or small!

Who wants to have a gingerbread house, when you can have a log cabin? Create Pretzel Log Cabins with this cool idea from the Cooking Channel.

Christmas Desserts

cute christmas treats
This is the cutest Christmas treat I’ve ever seen.

Some of my favorite holiday memories have taken place in the kitchen, making Christmas treats with my family and friends. There is something that is so comforting about knowing that each year I will be making the same beloved recipes with my favorite humans. But, there is always room for new recipe ideas!

14. Angel Pretzel Pops

Angel Pretzel Pops are a cute crossover of a cookie and a pretzel! What a delicious Christmas idea!

15. Pecan Pie Cookies

Do you like pecan pie? Try Pecan Pie Cookies, from Spend With Pennies! They are even better! I love southern inspired delicious recipes.

16. Snowman Donut Pops

Snowman Donut Pops, from Mommy Musings, are quick and easy. The cutest idea for Christmas morning made with the most basic ingredients.

17. Stained Glass Cookies

Stained Glass Cookies are super fun to make. Try using jolly ranchers when you make them. This 2 ingredient holiday treat is great for last minute treat needs.

18. Marshmallow Top Hats

Transform a marshmallow into a top hat with this Marshmallow Top Hats idea from Inside Bru Crew Life!

Easy Christmas Treats

Christmas treats for school like the truffle snowman heads, strawberry santas with cream beards and mini donut snowmen
The snowman truffles are AMAZING!

The best part of Christmas is the magic! I love how Christmas treats remind us of that. It’s magic in and of itself that flour and sugar can transform into delicious creations with a little work and love!

19. Star Studded Sugar Cookies

Star Studded Sugar Cookies are a tried and true recipe! You can’t go wrong with these sugar cookies!

20. Snowflake Cookies

Simplistically Living‘s Snowflake Cookies are so dainty and elegant. They are almost too pretty to eat!

21. Strawberry and Cream Santas

Leanne Bakes‘s Strawberry and Cream Santa’s are the easiest healthier version of a Christmas treat! What an easy no bake treat.

22. Snowman Truffles

Snowman Truffles, from The Girl Who Ate Everything, are such a cute way to decorate truffles!

Christmas Treat Ideas

fun christmas desserts with grinch cupcakes with strawberry hats, and hot dog and biscuit
I love the strawberry hats on the Grinch.

Christmas treats are not only yummy, they can help set the atmosphere and make your table more festive!

23. Grinch Cupcakes

These Grinch Cupcakes, from Taste Made, are super easy and fun! Sure to ward off the Grinch from your Christmas party!

24. Reindeer Bites

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons‘s Reindeer Bites are a fun change from Christmas sweets. They are made from hot dogs and biscuits!

25. Santa Topped Cheesecake Bites

Santa Topped Cheesecake Bites, from Cooking Classy, are super simple and a yummy tasty dessert.

26. Oreo Pops

Want something “fancy” and fun, but don’t have time? These Oreo Pops, from It’s Always Autumn, take seconds to make!

Christmas Treats For Kids

Christmas treats diy with preztel frosting trees, elf hat cupcakes, grinch grapes, and chocolate covered cherries
Those chocolate covered cherries look amazing!

27. Chocolate Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Just A Taste‘s Chocolate Christmas Tree Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting are gorgeous and easy! Just use green-dyed, melted white chocolate, and pretzels!

28. Elf Hat Cupcakes

Decorate your cupcakes with elf hats! Loving this Elf Hat Cupcake recipe, from Betty Crocker!

29. Grinch Snacks

Green apples just got a grin with Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons‘s Healthy Grinch Fruit Snack.

Christmas Treats DIY Your Family Will Treasure For Years To Come

Easy Christmas Treats with peppermint bark with dark and white chocolate and green grinch cookies with a heart
Those Grinch cookies are the cutest!

30. Peppermint Bark Treat

This Peppermint Bark recipe from, Sally’s Baking Addiction, is a keeper! The layers in this bar are super tasty and bring on the candy canes!

31. Grinch Cookies

Grinch Cookies, from In Katrina’s Kitchen, are a new staple on our holiday cookie table!

Christmas Treat Ideas with christmas tree cookies, candy cane mice, and peppermint patties
The homemade peppermint patties look so tasty and festive!

32. Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees

Decorating a Christmas tree doesn’t get any better than these Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees, from Better Homes And Gardens!

33. Peppermint Stick Mice

How adorable are these Peppermint Stick Mice, from Sprinkle Bakes?

34. Peppermint Patties

Mom On Timeout‘s Peppermint Patties are easy to make, and addictive!

35. Chocolate Crackles

Make these fun rice crackles that are a chocolatey treat!

36. Ultimate Snow Treat

Make snow ice cream with this simple recipe…you will need some snow outside!

37. Harry Potter Treat

I think the tastes associated with butterbeer are perfect for the holidays. Be inspired by Harry Potter and whip up a batch of homemade butterbeer.

38. Cake Pops for Kids!

Alright, cake pops for anyone! Make these donut cake pops and add the colors of Christmas you want to celebrate.

39. Make Easy Fudge

Are you limited in time on your holiday treat making? Check out our microwave fudge recipe that is surprisingly delicious.

40. Add a Cup of Hot Chocolate!

This crockpot hot chocolate recipe is sure to please and can be added to any of the sweet holiday treats mentioned above.

How Do I Wrap Christmas Treats?

This is the fun part! Get creative!

The fun Fudge In A Cookie Cutter idea from above would look really sweet wrapped in decorated cellophane bags with ribbon or a bow.

You can also wrap little boxes with wrapping paper, gift treats in a cute mug! Use your imagination, just make sure they are properly sealed to maintain freshness. Christmas treats literally make the sweetest gifts! Perfect for teachers, staff/ co-worker gifts, and favor bags! My daughter and I love wrapping plates of goodies for our neighbors!

How Long Do Christmas Treats and Christmas Cookies Last?

It really depends on each recipe and the ingredients involved, but most Christmas cookies and candies last up to a couple of weeks if chilled, and even longer if they are frozen. Doughs that mostly consist of butter tend to taste the best up to a few days after making them, but they are still good for a couple of weeks.

The most important thing to do to keep your Christmas treats and Christmas cookies fresh longer is to package them properly. It is so worth it to invest in good quality airtight storage containers! You need to protect those goodies, after you put in all that hard work!

Easy Reindeer Treat Bags for Kids Tutorial Video

If you are looking for a cute holiday treat bag with kids in mind, check out the full instructions for making these adorable reindeer treat bags.

More Christmas Treat Ideas from Kids Activities Blog

75 of the best Chocolate cookie recipes

Which sweet holiday treats do you plan on making first? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear. 

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  1. Making Christmas treats is one of my favorite activities to do with the kids. Thank you for this inspiring list of ideas.

  2. I used to have so much fun making Christmas treats for kids to send into school with my daughter! Now that she’s older, we still make them for us, and I love that she still gets excited about it, even though she’s an older teen. Definitely want to try some of these this year!

  3. I want to make all of these Christmas treats! I always make a little treat for my students and these are so cute and easy. It will be hard to pick just one!