Costco Is Selling A Lindt Advent Calendar Filled With Assorted Chocolates and I’m On My Way

Costco is where it’s at for the holidays! First there was the Hot Cocoa Bombs and now, they are blessing us with A Lindt Advent Calendar.

Costco is currently selling a Lindt Advent Calendar that is stuffed with Lindt chocolates.

Let’s be honest here, I don’t intend to eat just one a day HA!

This Lindt Advent Calendar comes with individually wrapped Swiss chocolates from Lindt. 

Of course, you are SUPPOSED to each one a day as you countdown to Christmas but I mean, we won’t judge if you eat the entire box.

These cost around $17.99 and are sure to make the kids excited to countdown to Christmas.

These are only sold in-store and you’ll want to snag one before they are gone!

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