My kids have already been discussing what sort of advent calendar they want this year. 2019 was the first year that we got them a “toy” calendar, and they loved opening the doors and discovering little figurines each day.

Since they can’t decide on what kind of toy calendar they want, what if I switch things up and include a variety of toys and treats?

The My First Advent Calendar from Step2 will make the mixing and matching easy and fun.

The Step2 My First Advent Calendar includes 25 bins for a magical and surprising countdown to Christmas. Source: Walmart

What the Step2 My First Advent Calendar Includes

The My First Advent Calendar is made with 25 bins, rather than doors. Those bins make counting down to Christmas extra exciting, because kids will have no idea what they’ll get when they pull out each one! And with bins, parents can customize what their kids get each and every day.

Source: Walmart

Assembly is easy peasy too. The My First Advent Calendar is in the shape of a cottage, and it includes 25 stickers that can be applied to the festive red and green bins. Just make sure to save the number “25” sticker for the cute front door!

Source: Walmart

All of the bins are generously sized, which means parents can put more than just one treat in each bin. I, for one, will be putting in some new figurines, Hot Wheels cars, and other small items I find at the Dollar Store. I love how I can customize this Advent Calendar.

Source: Walmart

But that’s not the only thing I like about it: the calendar is great for teaching my youngest about numbers and how to put those numbers in order. Will it teach patience, as they wait to reveal what’s in the next bin, too? Here’s hoping!

After Christmas is over, I can also totally see us using the Advent Calendar to store toys and play with it too.

The Step2 My First Advent Calendar is available at Walmart for $54.99.

Source: Walmart

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