Grab a paper plate and some craft supplies and make this festive and simple Christmas wreath craft for kids. This paper plate wreath is an easy Christmas craft to make and younger kids, older kids, kids of all ages really will love making one! Plus, this Christmas wreath craft is budget-friendly and you can use things you already have in your craft drawer. This Christmas wreath craft is perfect for at home or in the classroom!

Simple Wreath craft on a wood table make from a paper plate with faux gems, a red ribbon, paint, and tissue paper- kids activities blog
Super festive and lovely Christmas wreath craft!

Easy Paper Plate Christmas Wreath Craft For Kids

While this easy wreath craft is generally considered a preschool wreath craft, we found that it appeals to kids of all ages because every child’s Christmas craft turns out differently and they can express their creative genius in many ways.

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Our main goal during the holidays is to spend time together as a family connecting and having fun. Since December is so busy, I love to find simple open-ended activities and crafts like this paper plate wreath craft that my kids can do without too much guidance from me.

This easy wreath craft was designed using materials we already had around the house. I set up a wreath making station with the leftover craft supplies we accumulated over the year.

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Supplies Needed To Make A Christmas Wreath*

*This is what we used, but use whatever you might have on hand. No need to run to the craft store for this easy holiday craft.

Video: Simple Wreath Craft Tutorial

How To Make A Wreath With Kids

Collage showing steps to make a paper plate Christmas wreath with kids: wreath craft ideas for kids using green paint, bows, red sequins and glue - children shown making each step

This wreath craft for kids is a great family project!

Step 1

Start by cutting out the middle of the paper plate – one plate is used for each wreath. If you are crafting with younger children, it is safest if an adult does this step. If you are doing this wreath craft with a group of children, prep by each child starting with a circle cut out of the middle of the paper plate.

Step 2

Set up your materials where they are easily accessible for your kids. Prepare the gems, the ribbon, paint, and tissue paper so kids can grab them.

Take into account the ages and abilities and only set out materials that are age appropriate for your child.

Step 3

Let the kids start creating! Encourage them to add the materials they picked onto the plate with glue.

Step 4

Sit down and join them and do your own creating too! This was probably my favorite part. In addition to enjoying crafting with my kids, it was a simple way for me to show my toddler how to appropriately use some of the materials that she was unfamiliar with (without doing her project for her).

Step 5

Let your wreaths dry and then hang them up as a festive Christmas decoration!

Christmas wreath for kids with purple, yellow, blue, and green gems, red tissue paper and a red bow.
Look how colorful and festive this kids wreath is.

Christmas Wreath Craft Notes:

Not only is this activity super easy, but you can also leave the materials out for several hours (depending on your kid’s ages) and kids can come back again and again and add to their creations or make a new one.

You could easily have a wreath for every door in your house when you are done!

Christmas Craft For Kids: Make A Wreath

Christmas Craft For Kids: Make A Wreath

Make a simple and fun Christmas Wreath craft with your kids this year! This Christmas wreath craft is not only perfect for kids of all ages, but it is also festive and budget-friendly.


  • paper plate
  • scissors
  • paint dabbers
  • glue
  • embellishments from around the house (ribbon, tissue paper, buttons, sequins, etc.)


  1. Cut out the middle of your paper plate. Most paper plates have a line around the middle when it meets the edge, cut there with scissors.
  2. Place all the crafting materials out like the faux gems, tissue paper, dot markers, paint, glitter, and ribbon.
  3. Glue on the materials around your Christmas wreath making it pretty and festive!
  4. Let your wreath dry! Once you glue on all the pretty accoutrements!


Not only is this activity super easy, but you can also leave the materials out for several hours (depending on your kid’s ages) and kids can come back again and again and add to their creations or make a new one.

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How did your Christmas Wreath craft turn out? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Love love love this easy wreath craft for kids — so many variations that are super easy even as a preschool wreath craft idea.