Easiest Christmas Wreath Craft for Kids of All Ages

This super easy holiday wreath craft for kids is a simple classroom or home craft that can be turned into a homemade ornament, handmade gift or just something festive for the holiday season.

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Let’s make a really easy Christmas wreath craft!

Really Easy Christmas Wreath Craft

Just in time for Christmas, today we are sharing an easy Kid-Made Christmas Wreath that was created with craft supplies from our local dollar store.

Making Christmas crafts together during the holidays with kids is so much fun. This adorable wreath will look adorable hanging on bedroom doors, and is fun to share with neighbors.

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Kid-Made Christmas Wreath

Supplies Needed for Wreath Craft


Step 1

After gathering supplies, invite kids to paint the wreath green.

Kid-Made Christmas Wreath
Cut out leaves from green craft foam to add to Christmas wreath craft.

Step 2

While the paint is drying, cut out leaves from the green craft foam.

Kid-Made Christmas Wreath
Time to glue on jingle bells!

Step 3

When the paint is dry, invite kids to glue the leaves, jingle bells, and ribbon onto the wreath.

Kid-Made Christmas Wreath

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Did you have fun making this easy wreath craft?

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