The Easiest Preschool Apple Craft Made from Paper Plate

Kids of all ages will enjoy celebrating apple season with this easy and fun Paper Plate Apple craft. Educators and parents appreciate this craft’s simplicity and use of basic craft supplies which makes it the perfect preschool apple craft!

Easy Paper Plate Apple Craft for Kids - Kids will love making super easy paper plate apples for fall! Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!
Let’s make the easiest of all apple crafts for preschoolers!

Preschool Apple Craft

This is one of our favorite Preschool apple crafts that make great first day crafts or the perfect apple crafts for an apple learning unit in the classroom.

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My favorite way of using this easy paper plate apple craft is as a collective bulletin board craft for the whole class:

  1. Each student can make their own apple craft from a paper plate.
  2. The students can write their name in the middle to introduce themselves to the class.
  3. The finished easy apple crafts can be hung and displayed on a classroom apple tree bulletin board.

While kids of all ages will enjoy this kids apple craft, it is particularly suited to preschool and Kindergarten age students due to its simplicity.

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Easy Paper Plate Apple Craft for Kids

Easy Paper Plate Apple Craft for Kids
This is what you will need to make this paper plate apple craft.

Supplies Needed for Preschool Apple Craft

Directions to Make Kindergarten Apple Crafts

Easy Paper Plate Apple Craft for Kids

Step 1

First, use the scissors to cut out a green leaf and brown stem from the construction paper.

Step 2

Finally, use the tape to attach the leaf and stem to the back of the paper plate.

Alternatively, kids could use glue. If using glue, allow the paper plates to dry completely.

Apple Craft Variations

See? I promised this craft would be super easy and fun for kids—especially little ones.

  • If you want a more complicated apple craft that takes a longer time for crafting: simply use white paper plates in place of the red plates, then invite children to paint or color them red, green, or yellow.
  • Make an apple banner: connect all of the apples with colorful yarn to make a long banner!
  • Make an apple door hanging: the finished apple crafts look adorable hanging from the refrigerator or classroom doors.
Yield: 1

Easy Paper Plate Apple Craft

Easy Paper Plate Apple Craft

This is one of our favorite preschool apple crafts because this kids craft takes just a few common craft supplies and a few minutes to make. Kids of all ages will enjoy making this simple apple craft, parents and teachers love it for use as a preschool or Kindergarten apple craft because it is easy for a group of kids to make together. The finished apple crafts also look great hanging on a bulletin board apple tree.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • Small round red paper plates
  • Red and brown construction paper


  • Scissors or preschool training scissors
  • Tape or glue


  1. With scissors, cut a leaf shape out of green construction paper.
  2. With scissors, cut a stem shape out of brown construction paper.
  3. Attach the leaf and stems made from construction paper to the back of a red paper plate using glue or glue dots to create an apple.


Interested in more back to school craft ideas? Or just need a fun apple craft for kids?

Paper Plate Apple Craft for Kids - all steps pictured with final apple craft pictured in a collage
Let’s make more apple crafts!


How did you like making this simple paper plate apple craft? How did you use it at home or in the classroom?

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  1. Wow! Pinnd this one to my Preschool Play & Learn board. I have added this on my to-do list for the upcoming preschool year.

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