Cutest Paper Plate & Pom Pom Apple Tree Craft

Let’s make an apple tree pom pom craft.

If you are anything like me, you will want to check out this easy apple tree craft because every single autumn I seem to get obsessed with apples!

This simple paper plate and pom pom activity is the perfect craft for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners learning to count.

Pom Pom Apple Tree craft for preschoolers
What a cute apple tree craft for kids learning to count!

Make a Paper Plate Apple Tree with Pom Poms

Grab some common household items that you likely already have and let’s make a cute apple tree! 

Don’t be afraid to substitute what craft supplies you already have on hand.  Who needs the hassle of running to the craft store?

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Supplies Needed


Pom Pom Apple Tree

Step 1

After gathering supplies, paint the white paper plate, green.

Pom Pom Apple Tree

Step 2

When the paint is dry, invite children to glue the colorful pom poms onto the plate.

Pom Pom Apple Tree

Step 3

Show children how to draw the shape of a tree trunk onto the brown paper. Glue the tree trunk to the back of the paper plate.

Step 4

Next, cut a black oval from paper then glue it to the tree trunk.

Apple Tree Craft for Kindergarten

Add an academic twist to this cute craft by writing a number on the black oval on the trunk of the tree. Invite children to add the same number of apples to the green leaves.

Take it further by practicing addition! Little hands will have fun adding red apples and green apples together.

Apple Tree Facts for Preschoolers & More

When I was researching some fun apple facts, it was funny how much I learned.  Here are some of the interesting things you might not know about apple trees:

  • 2500 types of apples are grown in the United States
  • The only apple that is native to the United States is the crabapple!
  • The study of apple growing is pomology which I find awesome since this apple craft is full of pom poms.
  • The average American consumes over 45 pounds of apples and apple products each year!  That is more than a bushel.
  • Check out our printable Johnny Appleseed facts & coloring pages.

Craft an Apple Orchard

Make more than one tree.  Easy and fun, kids of all ages will love creating an orchard of beautiful apple trees!

Yield: 1

Paper Plate Apple Tree

Celebrate Fall With This Fun and Easy Pom Pom Apple Tree Craft

This easy apple tree craft is great for preschool and Kindergarten and beyond. It uses paper plates and pom poms and could be integrated into number learning. Make a whole orchard of apple trees!

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost free


  • Green paint
  • White paper plate
  • Brown and black construction paper
  • Red and green pom poms


  • Paint brush
  • Glue


  1. Paint one paper plate green and let dry.
  2. Glue pom poms onto the plate as red and green apples.
  3. Cut a trunk shape out of brown paper.
  4. Glue the trunk to the paper plate tree top.
  5. Add a oval black paper circle to the trunk.

What a great craft to make during your apple unit or to accompany fabulous Fall books.

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Pom Pom Apple Tree

Did your family enjoy making this craft? Let us know in the comments! 

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How did your paper plate and pom pom apple tree turn out?

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