10 {Cool} Paper Plate Crafts

We love to create paper plate crafts!  It’s fun to see just how many different things you can come up with by using a simple paper plate.  We also love helping our kids use their imagination to look at something so simple and build it into something amazing!

Inspired by There’s Just One Mommy, we’re sharing lots of fun crafts made from paper plates!

10 {Cool} Paper Plate Crafts

10 {Cool} Paper Plate Crafts

1.  Cut a bunny out of a paper plate and add pipe cleaners for whiskers.  This is adorable and would be a great Easter activity.

2.  Create your very own set of aliens, using paper plates you have at home.

3.  Need a quick and easy craft for the kids? Let them get creative with their own paper plate masks.

4.  Create a wreath for any occasion, with just a paper plate and your child’s hand prints.  Just change the colors to fit the holiday!

5.  Perfect for Dr. Seuss’ birthday, or any time, you can make your very own Cat in the Hat.

6.  Make a spooky spider to hang on Halloween using paper plates and pipe cleaners.

Paper Plate Turtle Main Image

7.  Here is a turtle that won’t hide in its shell!  And it’s easy to make with paper plates you already have in the kitchen.

8.  Looking for a craft to help kids work on fine motor skills and have fun?  Help them make their very own spider webs with yarn and a paper plate.

9.  Sun catchers are perfect for any time of the year, and they are so easy to make with just a paper plate and tissue paper.

10.  Create a super cute painted apple while also teaching young children about the parts of this fruit.  

There are so many paper plate crafts…let’s do more!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing our paper plate crafts! I think they get used for crafting more than anything else around here!

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