Are you searching for a simple and fun fall craft for kids? Try this creative Apple Button Art activity. Kids love digging their hands into the button bowl to find just the right button, making it a fabulous sensory and fine-motor activity to boot! Apple Button Art for Kids

Apple Button Art

Fun for daycare, school, or home, this cute apple craft is so engaging. It also makes a thoughtful gift for teachers! To make this colorful craft you will need:
  • An assortment of plastic buttons (available at most craft stores)
  • White school glue
  • Wooden board or paper
  • Chalk
  • Paper and pencil
Apple Button Art Use the paper and pencil to create an apple stencil for kids, or use this free printable apple stencil instead. RELATED: Try making this Pom Pom Apple Tree with toddlers. Apple Button Art Invite kids to trace the apple stencil onto the wooden board or paper with chalk. I like to use chalk because it can easily be brushed away when the project is complete. Apple Button Art Kids absolutely will love this next part! Fill in the apple stencil with white glue, then place buttons on the glue to form the shape of an apple. We used small buttons in shades of blue, brown, and green to create the stems and leaves. Various shades of red buttons filled in the majority of the apple. Be sure to use a glue that dries clear! If you are doing this craft with a child that squeezes glue with reckless abandon, you may wish to pour glue into a cup so they can apply it with a brush instead. apple button art  

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