Cute Preschool Paper Plate Apple Core Craft

Today we are making an apple with a paper plate, but not just any apple…we are exploring the inside of an apple with this apple core craft for kids. While it is easy enough to do with toddlers and preschoolers, kids of all ages can make this easy paper plate craft their own at home or in the classroom.

Apple Core Paper Plate Craft - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make an apple core craft!

Easy Apple Core Paper Plate Craft for Kids

This apple paper plate craft creates a super cute painted apple while also teaching young children about the parts of an apple.

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Supplies Needed

  • 2 paper plates
  • scissors
  • acrylic paint or watercolor paint
  • glue stick

Directions for Parts of the Apple Paper Plate Craft

apple craft

Step 1 – Create the Apple Peel

  1. We started by cutting the center out of a paper plate and
  2. painting it red with a sponge.

This section of outside of the apple is called the skin or the peel.  At our house we eat the peel or skin of an apple. Some children don’t like to eat the skin. The texture just doesn’t feel right to them. My son was told that that is where a lot of the good nutrients and vitamins are found. Thankfully his has embraced eating all the healthy parts of the apple!

apple activities

Step 2 – Create the Apple Core

  1. Then we cut an apple core shape out of a second paper plate.
  2. We mixed a little white and brown paint to create the flesh colored section of the apple on a tray. We didn’t have bottle of  peach paint available if you do you  it might create a color closer to the color an apple is in real life. Our apple flesh has obliviously be exposed to the air for a bit to get its brown tint.
  3. Then my son used a set of plastic chopsticks to dip a seed shaped sponge into black paint. The sponge was then stamped onto the apple core to create seeds.

The core is what we reach after eating all the flesh or meat of the apple. It is the sweet part of the apple.  

If you don’t have chopsticks available, you can use a clothes pin to hold the sponge. Chopsticks gave my son a little more control of the pressure being put on the sponge.

text: fall craft paper plate apple - shown is finished apple core paper plate craft with red apple peel and green apple core on blue background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make an apple core craft!

Step 3 – Assemble the Finished Apple Craft

Once all the apple sections had dried, we glued the apple core section to the apple skin section of the plate.

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How did your parts of the apple craft turn out using a paper plate?


  1. This is a fantastic way to enjoy with kids, when they are not doing their homework, off course. Thanks for your article.

  2. I just love this fall craft. We worked on the letter A this week & we may just have to do this as a review tomorrow. Thanks.

  3. I love this apple craft and the discussion that went along with it. Thank you for sharing with The Sunday Showcase.

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