Try this super cute spider snack!   It is food art at its easiest!  Here at Kids Activities Blog, playing with food is always allowed.  We hope you find this adorable food art spider snack something that your kids will beg to eat {and it might even be healthy…shhhh}. Bugs. I have a toddler who loves bugs right now, even trying to eat them (ewww!!!). Eat bugs. …for snack time – and these are even good for you!

Food Art

I’ve seen spiders made with marshmallows and pretzels, but I wanted a healthier option to make with my kids.  We substituted bananas for the marshmallows for our food art. Here are our hairy banana spiders! banana spiders - a healthy creepy snack for kids.

Spider Snack

To make this spider snack you will need:
  • Banana, sliced 1-2 inches thick
  • Pretzels for legs
  • Raisins for eyes/nose
  • Dip – we used flax seed but you can use cinnamon, ground nuts, coco powder, sprinkles or even eat it plain.
Now it is time to create your food art:
  • Roll your banana slice in your dip.
  • Stuff legs into the spider “body”.
  • Add the face accents .
  • Play with your food!
banana spiders - a healthy creepy snack.for kids

Playing with Food

There are numerous learning activities that you can do with this simple spider snack depending on the age of your child.  Here are a few that we had fun with:
  • Count the number of legs spiders have.
  • Discuss different insect bodies.   Some are squishy like a banana, others are hairy, others are hard or crustaceans. What type of insect is your snack?
  • Make other insect snacks…it is all food art!
banana spiders - a healthy creepy snack.for kids

More Food Art for Kids

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  1. Very cute…my kids would love these. We make some spiders out of pretzels and chocolate chips, but these are much healthier…and sound yummy!

  2. Hello! These look yummy, too bad i don’t like bananas! =D

    I’ve a surprise on the blog for you check it out:

  3. What a great blog! I love this wordpress theme, works perfect for you. Thanks for being an awesome BlogFrog member!