Back-to-School Snacks

Are your kids famished when they come home after school? Back-to-school snacks are such an important part of our routine, and a fun way to liven up their lunchbox!

Back-to-School Snacks- apples and gummy worms, sandwiches that look like books, treats that look like pencils, alphabet cookies, and pretzels dipped in red candy bark to look like apples.
These back to school snacks are so creative!

Back-to-School Snacks

School is upon us and soon our kids will come in starving! What better way to curb the hunger than these super easy, cute, and deliciously healthy (ish) snacks!

Easy Back To School Snacks

Sandwich Book

School book sandwiches are so fun! Add them to your kids’ lunch, or keep them on hand for an after school snack.

Back To School Treats

Make The Simple Parent‘s book-shaped rice krispie treats and write your kids’ favorite subjects on them!

Apple Snacks For Kids

Dress up a plain old apple with this squirmy, wormy apple snack from Feels Like Home.

Alphabet Crackers

Work on the spelling list while you snack with these homemade alphabet cheese crackers.

Pencil Pretzel Rods

Ander Stuff‘s pencil pretzel rods are so fun! They could be a super cute class snack.

Apple Donuts

Your Homebased Mom‘s apple doughnuts would be such a great back-to-school breakfast treat.

Easy back to school snacks like fruit rolls tight with red and white stick, frozen pink yogurt bars, homemade cereal bars with cheerios and pink red and purple m&m's, frozen fruit starts that are red purple and white, and oatmeal balls and green grapes.
These easy back to school snacks are delicious and healthy!

Back-to-School Healthy Snacks

Fruit Roll Ups

These homemade fruit roll-ups require just one ingredient.

Frozen Gogurt

Make your own gogurt tubes — then you know what all the ingredients are!

Cheerios Cereal Bar

Turn cereal into the perfect snack with these no-bake honey nut Cheerio bars from  Averie Cooks.

Frozen Smoothie Stars

Here is another yogurt and berries idea! Make these smoothie stars from Come Together Kids. This is great for little ones, too!

Breakfast Balls

No-bake breakfast balls are perfect for a quick snack in the afternoon.

Butterfly Pretzels

Foodie Fun‘s butterfly pretzel treats are a unique twist on traditional celery snacks.

Fruit Leather

Kids love “fun” snacks. Healthy Mama‘s fruit leather is one of “those” snacks at our house–rare and cherished by the kiddos!

back to school snack ideas like sandwiches with ham and wheat bread, orange ice drink, apple, egg, strawberries, pretzels, nuts, and gummy bears.
Back to school snacks can even be simple!

After School Snacks

Snack and Learn

Make them work for their snack! Hide it in different parts of the house and give them a treasure map for them to follow.

Pinwheels For Kids

Need something more filling? Make a savory roll with this recipe from Rainy Day Mum.

Healthy Banana Split

Kids will gobble up this healthy banana split from Comeback Momma.

Lemon Flavored Water

Avoid juice and check out Healthy Mama‘s DIY lemon slices and mint sprigs flavored water tutorial to hydrate your kids before they go off to the afternoon activity!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

You won’t believe what this healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip is made from!

Apple Faces

Be silly and create apple faces for the kids from halves of apples and candy toppings.

Soft Pretzel Recipe For Kids

…and our personal favorite after-school snack are soft pretzels. These are SO yummy and addictive!

Back-to-School Snacks for kids like these two little girls with a pink backpack and a blue back pack holding hands
Back to school snacks are perfect for keeping your child focused and prepared for the day ahead.

More Back to School Recipes

Looking for more delicious back to school recipes to make your days just a little easier? We have them!

What do your kids love to eat when they get home from school? Comment below!


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  2. I am stressing out about my kids going back to school and having to pack them both lunches all over again. This year was nice in a way because I didn’t have to rush and worry about getting them ready in the morning and feeding them breakfast as well as pack lunches. Thank you for the cool ideas!

  3. Kristen Yard says:

    I hear that, Amie! I hope that you found some fun ideas! We have more fun lunch on the blog, too!

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