My kids’ favorite thing to say lately? “Mom, can I have a snack?” They are 100% snack obsessed, even after they’ve had a full helping of one of the three essential meals of the day.

child eating a watermelon snack
Mom! I am so hungry!

Ways to Keep Kids Snacks Organized

I am far from the only parent who is tiiiiired of constantly being asked for a snack, because after one mom of three offered up a genius snack hack, her idea went viral. Aka, her idea has been shared a crazy 403,000+ times at the time of this writing.

snack baskets for kids organized in blue, green and red
Mom of three Jen Hallstrom shared a genius snack hack on her Facebook page. Source: Facebook/Jen Hallstrom

What’s this Genius Snack Hack?

It’s so simple I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before! Jen Hallstrom says she gives each of her children a colored basket each morning. In that basket she puts a handful of snacks for the day. Once those snacks are gone for the day? That’s it! No more snacks.

kids eating grapes sitting on a bench in front of a yellow wall
I want snacks!!!

Managing Snacks For Kids

Okay, okay, I can already see my three year old whining about this. But at the same time, it’s a crazy good idea. After all, it’s one way of teaching kids to stop and think: “Do I really want this snack right now? Am I really hungry, or am I eating out of boredom?”

cut up strawberries and grapes on a plate
Plate of Fruit Snacks

Remember the Hydration in Snacking

In addition to snacks, Hallstrom also puts one cup in the basket. That’s their only cup for the day. As she says, “Because I’m not washing 50 cups a day! Hahaha!”

I seriously feel like she took a peek into my life and saw how my entire top dishwasher rack is full of children’s plates and cups, and I only have two kids. I feel called out!

But honestly, I need to try this snack hack. I’m far from the only one. Other parents commented with things like “Smart!” and “Love this! I HATE that I have let the kids fall into the habit of getting their own snacks throughout the day. Might give this a shot while I am at home!”

Same girl, same.

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What do you think of these snack hacks?

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