Finding snacks that picky eaters will actually eat can be a challenge. This list of healthy snacks for picky eaters will help! Snack time at school or home can seem overwhelming if you are dealing with picky eaters (like my daughter!). These kids snack ideas are great for kids of any age.

Homemade Snacks for Picky Eaters from Kids Activities Blog
Snack time doesn’t have to be a battle!

Snack Ideas for Picky Eaters

Most days lunch will come home ‘as made’ with a little nibble bite here or there! I’m always on the search for creative ways to get my daughter to eat, or at the very least show an interest in eating, and this school year I am on a mission to succeed!

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Check out these 18 classic kid snack favorite recipes I have gathered that are easy to pack, send to school, and of course tempt your picky eaters.

Favorite Kids Snacks Picky Eaters Will Eat!

1. Homemade Energy Balls Snack Recipe

energy balls as a snack for picky eaters - shown are breakfast balls in a bowl with grapes on child lap
Energy balls are yummy and can be customized to the taste of a picky eater.

Homemade energy balls are easy to make and they are the perfect go-to snack, on-the-go breakfast, or dessert!  There are two energy ball recipes we really like and think your picky eater will like too:

  • Breakfast balls – these breakfast energy balls make the best breakfast on the go, but they also make great snacks! 
  • No bake chocolate energy balls – these no-bake energy balls are sweet and simple!

2. Homemade Trail Mix Recipe Makes a Great Snack

Homemade trail mix is great for picky eaters - Kids Activities Blog
Making your own trail mix can help picky eaters choose what they WANT and WILL eat.

Invite your kids to pick their favorite snacks and help you make your own homemade trail mix. The theory is that they will love taking it to school when they have helped you pick just what they want!  This theory actually works!

3. Muffins, Muffins and More Muffin Recipes for Snacking

Muffins are great snack ideas for picky eaters - Kids activities blog
Muffins are just plain good snacks.

Muffins are the ultimate food for kids.  Slightly sweet and full of good stuff.  Choose the taste that your picky eater prefers… We have a few to choose from:

4. Sandwich Kebabs Snack

simple as that blog kabob sandwich idea shown in lunch box
Create a kabob that satisfies your picky eater!

I love this slight variation on the plain old sandwich – it’s a DIY sandwich kabob from Simple as That Blog. What makes this so genius is that you can start with the ingredients you know your child already likes.

5. Homemade Granola Bars Recipe

homemade granola bars from I heart naptime
Let’s make homemade granola bars!

I would feel happy and confident sending these homemade granola bars to school for snack time from I Heart Naptime. You could even substitute the fruit for mini chocolate chips and marshmallows for treat days.

6. Oven Dried Apple Chips Snack

homemade apple chips make great picky eater snacks - apple chips shown with apples
Let’s make homemade apple chips!

Let’s make the easiest snack…ever! Homemade apple chips are something you can have on hand. ‘Most’ kids love to eat fruit and love chips even more!

My little miss will eat ‘any’ fruit as long as it’s a banana! so here’s hoping these chips will get her interested in apples.

7. Homemade Fruit Leather Recipe Makes for Great Snacking

This homemade fruit leather is so easy to make with great ingredients so your kids are eating exactly what you want them to eat. Here are some of our favorite easy fruit leather recipes:

8. Kale Chips Recipe…Yep, Your Picky Eater will Eat Kale!

Homemade kale chips snack ideas from Oh She Glows
Kale chips done right are actually quite tasty!

Kale is one of the healthiest greens you can eat, and they get so deliciously crispy. I know this sounds crazy to include kale chips from Oh She Glows in this picky eater list, but try it before you giggle!

9. Homemade Animal Cookies are a Favorite Snack

animal crackers from how sweet eats
Oh yum! Homemade animal crackers…genius!

Little cute oatie bites perfect with a sweet dip are these sweet homemade animal crackers from How Sweet Eats. This is such a yummy idea that I can’t wait to try it at my house.

10. Homemade Cheese Crackers Recipe

Homemade Cheese crackers from Love and Olive Oil
Oh, picky eaters will love the homemade version of goldfish!

With only six easy ingredients you can have flaky delicious homemade cheese crackers in under an hour with this recipe from Love & Olive Oil.

11. Homemade Potato Chips Recipe for the Best Snacking

homemade root vegetable chips from Kids Activities Blog
If your child likes potato chips, try these root veggie chips!

Customize flavors of homemade chips and make them exactly how you’d like them, from super basic to super fancy. They look so so so good! Make these yummy homemade vegetable chips from the veggies you have on hand.

12. Homemade Popcorn Snacks

A traditional snack that can be flavored in a million ways is popcorn! Here are some of our favorite ways to make popcorn:

13. Popcorn Trail Mix Recipe

pantry popcorn mix from The Baker Mama
Now let’s use our popcorn for a homemade trail mix snack!

Instead of the traditional popcorn and butter, try this Popcorn Trail Mix for your school snacking needs from The Baker Mama.

14. Crockpot Chex Mix Recipe

crockpot chex mix recipe from Skip to My Lou
Let’s make a Chex mix snack!

Another tasty snack that is so simple to throw together! I love this crockpot Chex mix you can make in your crockpot from Skip to My Lou.

15. Tasty Pizza Buns Recipe for a Hearty Snack

how to make pizza rolls for kids from Kids Activities Blog - pizza roll being dropped into a small glass container of sauce
Everyone loves pizza!

I love that these pizza buns can be made ahead and frozen, which makes for a quick lunch snack for the kids any day. Here are some of my favorite recipes for pizza at home:

16. Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

breakfast cookies in a bowl
Let’s eat cookies for breakfast…or a snack!

One of the few times you will read cookies and health in the same sentence! These are my family’s favorite recipes for homemade breakfast cookies which make a really lovely snack.

More Picky Eater Information from Kids Activities Blog

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What is your favorite picky eater snack idea from this list? What other homemade snacks for picky eaters do you recommend?

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  1. Thank you for this list of healthy snacks for picky eaters. I love how simple and creative they are at the same time!

  2. Oh, man! Where was this AMAZING list of snacks for picky eaters back when I had a picky eater? LOL! Such a great variety of ideas!

  3. It’s always a battle to find healthy snacks for my picky eaters. I’m sure my kids will love the pizza buns though!

  4. I so appreciate these ideas for healthy snacks for picky eaters. It’s often hard to find things kids will eat that are healthy, too. These look absolutely delicious, and the kids will think so, too! Thank you.

  5. I can’t wait to make some of these snacks for picky eaters. I am always looking for new snack ideas for my kids. I love the sandwich kebab – I think that is such a fun idea!

  6. These are some great ideas! Thank you! I’m at my wits end with my picky eater. All he will eat is fruit snacks and cheese. I have hope that he will like a lot of these.

    1. I hear you, Kim! My daughter would only eat chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for the LONGEST time, lol! (Little did she know…SO many veggies were snuck into her spaghetti sauce, when she would eat pasta LOL–I used to toss it all in a food processor and blend it together, and she was none the wiser!)