When the sun starts to shine, nothing’s more fun  than these 20 Adorable (and Doable) Spring Treats for Kids! Spring sweets are the best! With four small kids of my own, I love making great little spring inspired snacks and sweets, but nothing requiring culinary origami, which is why these spring recipes are a hit in my book. These are fun spring snacks to make at home or for a party.

20 Adorable (and Doable) Spring Treats for Kids - collage of spring snacks from chicken eggs to flowers that kids can eat

Sweet Treats For Kids

These surprisingly simple spring treats are perfect for birthday parties, Easter, or a picnic! Or you can just enjoy them on they’re own! These spring desserts and snacks are so versatile, you can enjoy them any time!

The best part is these are the perfect way to celebrate spring and these are great snacks and treats for preschoolers! Separated into spring desserts and snacks, we’ve got a big selection of healthy, crunchy, chocolatey, and fruity treats. Each of these recipes is easy enough for any parent to pull off, and many are so simple that kids can make them, too!

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Favorite Spring Snacks for Kids

20 Adorable (and Doable) Spring Treats for Kids

Most of these healthy spring snacks are perfect for the whole family, but it is a great way to get your preschooler to eat healthy foods this spring without all the added sugar.

1. Butterfly Pretzels

Pretzel Butterflies are an awesome new take on “ants on a log” from The Nerd’s Wife. These butterfly pretzels are sweet, savory, crunchy, the perfect spring snack! Plus, they’re super cute.

2. Hard Boiled Egg Chicks Recipe

This Hard Boiled Egg Chicks recipes is so much easier to make than it might look! Learn how to transform hard boiled eggs into hens at Foodlets. (Hint: All you need are  eggs, carrots and chia seeds.)

3. Carrots In A Pot

Carrots in Pots is one of the simplest ideas, ever. The main ingredients are baby carrots, the dip of your choice, and one simple step, thanks to Foodlets! I think this is absolutely adorable!

4. Chick Cheese Balls

Hungry HappeningsBaby Chick Cheese Balls are perfect for a spring lunch! It’s healthy, cheesy and cute, you couldn’t ask for more!

5. Fruit Kabob

Fruit Pinwheels that are red and blue with melon, grapes, berries, with red and blue pinwheels on a white plate.
How cute! These fruit kabobs are tasty and fun to play with.

You may have seen fruit skewers before, but this idea is even cooler. Level up with Fruit Kabob! Not only does fruit make a sweet snack, but it turns out this snack is a lot of fun! 

6. Easter Egg Containers

Pack up a spring picnic using plastic eastern eggs to make Easter Egg Picnic “Lunchables”. We are loving this idea from Kailo Chic. You use your Easter egg containers to hold all the food making lunch a fun surprise.

7. Corn Dog Butterfly

A Corn Dog Butterfly combine two of our kids’ favorite things, corn dogs and chips! For a lunch so simple, it sure looks tasty! It is sure to be a hit.

8. Grape Caterpillars

Foodlets makes it easy to transform grapes into the cutest creepy crawlies around, with this Green Grape Caterpillars recipe! You could do this with red grapes if green are too tart for your child.

Spring Sweets 

Sweet desserts like peep cupcakes, rice krispies, sprinkle sticks, and flowers.
I’m loving the Easter Egg brownie nest! How cute.

These easy recipes are great for an after school snack. These tasty treats only require simple ingredients from the grocery store and are way more fun that just ice cream or regular chocolate chips cookies. These easy dessert recipes are even easy enough your little sous chef can help (toddler or preschooler)!

9. Cute Sunshine Cake Pops

Hungry Happenings Cute Sunshine Cake Pops are the sweetest little rays of sunshine! Each cake pop is smiling brightly!

10. Easter Egg Brownie Nest

If you have a pan of brownies, a cup, coconut, and egg candy, you’re all set to make this Easy Brownie Bird Nests recipe from FoodletsThis Easter egg brownie nest is super cute, and tasty.

11. Sprinkle Sticks

The PicklebumsSprinkle Sticks are a fun way to turn layers of puff pastry, jam, and sprinkles into a festive spring treat! These remind me of pop tarts or toaster strudels, but way better.

12. Spring Dessert

The Nerd’s Wife outdid herself with this SO SIMPLE Flower Cupcake Bouquet. It’s the perfect spring centerpiece for any party or shower table! This is the perfect spring dessert to share with everybody.

13. Peeps Cupcakes

How do you make cupcakes even more festive? Just add Peeps! Check out The Nerd’s Wife‘s tutorial, and make your own batch of Peeps Cupcakes! I love these! Peeps are my favorite candy in the Spring.

14. Snake Snack Ideas

Pretzel Pop Snakes are just as fun to make as they are to eat! If your child loves animals, then they will love these snack snack ideas. They’re sweet and salty, the perfect combination.

Easter desserts that include rice krispy treats with m&m's.
These M&M’s make these rice krispy treats even tastier.

15. Easter Dessert

Rice Krispies Treat Eggs, from Foodlets, are the cutest spring spin on rice krispie treats! Serve these in or out of the plastic eggs. Either way, they’re adorable. This the cutest Easter dessert!

16. Easter Rice Krispie Treats

Brighten up your table with Rice Krispie Easter Egg Treats. These Easter rice krispie treats are not only tasty and egg shaped, but they almost look like designer sugar cookies!

17. Flower Pot Muffins

What do you get when you combine lollipops and marshmallows? Flower Pot Muffins, thanks to this idea from Domestic Fits! The lollipop flowers are actually really amazing! This is one spring dessert I don’t mind putting together.

What is better than a regular sugar cookie? A giant sugar cookie! All you need to make a Giant Sugar Cookie Egg, is a pack of store-bought dough, frosting, sprinkles, and this tutorial from Foodlets

19. Smiley Cookies

These smiley cookies are happy to see you! Smiley Face Chocolate Chip Cookies are sure to make you smile! Check out Hungry Happenings‘ tutorial to see just how easy they are to make.

20. Spring Sweets

Transform regular Twinkies into the cutest bunnies of the year with this Bunny Ear Snack Cakes recipe from Hungry Happenings. These spring sweets are actually super cute with their big floppy ears!

Easy Ways To Change Up These Spring Sweet Treats For Preschoolers 

Does your family have allergens? Do you just want healthy options? That’s fine! Did you know you can swap out a lot of ingredients in recipes?

  • For example instead of vegetable or canola oil you can use coconut oil or Greek yogurt. Don’t like processed all purpose flour? Coconut flour is also an option. Using whole grain flowers is a great option.
  • Don’t want to use milk chocolate in your cookies? Use dark chocolate instead.
  • So is more natural sugars like honey, coconut sugar, sugar in the raw, molasses, etc.

More Spring Recipes Your Kids Will Love From Kids Activities Blog

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What is your family’s favorite spring recipe? Comment below!

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