Let’s talk organizing ideas for home that reuse things you may already have. Home organization ideas don’t have to be expensive or use special organization tools. Cheap and free organization ideas are more fun too! We have a list of household organization tips that don’t cost money.

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Oh so many organizing ideas for the home!

How to Organize Your Home for Free!

These smart ways to home organize are not only easy, but they are fun! They are home organizing ideas, household hacks and organization tips that don’t cost money – in fact, many of them are upcycling things you may have in your recycling bin at this very moment.

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All family members can get organized with these great ideas. Organize your home office, laundry room, living room, or a small kitchen. An organized home is a happy home!

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House Organization Ideas to Maximize Storage Space

1. Tupperware Organizers Storage

Store container lids – I adore this idea. There are so many different tupperware organizers to choose from whether you’re using a lazy Susan or a pegboard, you can keep it all organized. This is great for a small space since you can stack them.

2. Labels for your Stuff for Organization Bliss

Love, love, love this idea to use bread bag tags for power cord labeling from Home Dzine. Labels are such a great idea, because I’m constantly unplugging the wrong thing behind the TV. Organize just like a professional organizer.

3. Earbud Holder Tips Keep Little Things Safe

Use an old credit card which is the perfect size for wallet or purse to create an earbud holder. Genius! You could even decorate it with washi tape! This is a great idea from Apartment Therapy. It’s a simple way to keep your earbuds together.

4. Genius Idea for Storing Ribbon

Feeling too much pressure in your crafting room? Is your crafting room like mine? Use these ribbon holders to keep your ribbon in one place and untangled. All you need is a hanger! You could also do this for all the colorful washi tape, duct tape, and even painters tape. Listoic was right on the money with this one!

5. Things To Make With Coat Hangers for Organization

This is great if you have a small area to work with. Here are some cute and useful things to make with coat hangers from Only Hangers. Use a hanger for hanging…eye glasses? This is really fun! Hangers can be used for a lot of different things including keeping eye glasses safely stored.

6. Homemade Cable Organizer for Home

Wikihow has come up with another genius way to keep things organized. This homemade cable organizer is another ‘duh’ idea! Use empty TP rolls to keep the cord clutter under control.

Organization items for home using hangers, toilet paper rolls, and bread ties.
Let’s keep organizing!

Best Home Organization Ideas

7. Upcycled Old Wooden Hangers

Use old wooden hangers to keep your room organized! You can use hangers to keep your sunglasses organized, scarves, hats, and more together and in one place. Sad To Happy Project has other good ideas to reuse hangers as well.

8. Ring It to Keep it Organized

Store cards and gift cards can be attached to a ring to keep them all together. I also use the second suggestion over at Cooking at Cafe D which is to keep a sharpie handy and write down on the back of a gift card how much is money is left! Ring it and keep it all in one place.

9. Yarn Holder Organizes Quickly

This yarn holder from Felt Magnet is a great idea. Not only will your yarn not be a tangled mess, but it is a great way to also recycle plastic containers! I love any project that lets me recycle!

10. Feminine Product Organizer for Bathroom

I love this! Using an old wipe box to create a feminine product organizer is awesome! Gibbys Place suggests storing girly products which is pretty smart, but these boxes have unlimited potential! Make extra room on your counters or in your cupboards. Recycling a wipe box is cheaper than having to use draw organizers.

11. Paper Clip Hacks for the House

Oh my goodness! Do you know how many hours of my life have been spent trying to get the end of the tape loose for use? Jill from One Good has a genius solution! All you have to do is put a paper clip on the end of the tape roll to keep it from sticking. These paper clip hacks are a life saver.

12. Garage Ball Storage Organizes

Garage ball storage is a must if your kids play sports or just love balls. Scrap wood and some bungee cords will have all the balls off the floor where they are destined to roll around and out the garage door when not noticed. Sports Mom Survival Guide has a bunch of different garage ball storage ideas.

13. Bobby Pin Storage is Magnetic

Again, why haven’t I already thought of this? Dust Bunnies and Dog Toys has the best idea for bobby pin storage. All those barrettes and pins migrating back and forth in the bottom of my drawer with every opening.

14. DIY Cardboard Organizer Works Any Where

The Homes I Have Made has a great idea using cardboard. Use empty boxes to make carboard organizers for your drawers. Suddenly custom drawers are FREE.

fun organizing ideas to clean your junk drawers, keep barrettes together, organize feminine products, and sports balls.
You got this! You have the best organizing ideas around!

Easy Home Organizing Ideas

15. Messy Drawer Fix for Home

With this idea, you don’t even have to get out a pair of scissors. This messy drawer fix from the Crazy Coupon Lady is a great way to get your junk drawer organized! Junk drawers don’t have to be a hot mess. Organizing your home includes even the smaller spaces. It’s a great way to keep daily use items in order without taking up valuable space.

16. Ribbon Organizer Using A Basket

This is one I actually have done for several years now. I used one of my old basket-weave plastic bin and just pull the end of the ribbon through the holes. It works great. Spunky Junky came up with this great ribbon organizer using a basket.

17. DIY Bracelet Holder

Have too much stuff in your jewelry box? Not enough space? Out of storage space? These smart ideas from Its Over Flowing helps keep your bracelets organized. This DIY bracelet holder is perfect for any bedroom or bathroom. I love these.

18. Garden Tool Storage

I have a few extra PVC pipes laying around cluttering my garage after a kids activities project…I should put them to good use with these garden tool storage! Ash Bee Design came up with the best way to use those PVC pipes.

19. Under The Sink Storage

Using tension rod under the sink is a great way to get all the cleaning bottles and free up some cabinet floor space with this smart idea. CNET is right by using under the sink storage is a great way to make more space.

20. Soup Can Storage for the Kitchen

I actually use this soup can storage in my pantry! I love it. Year Zero Survival covers a soda can box to dispense soup in an elegant way! You can also use this for veggies and canned fruit too or even canned milk.

21. Empty Coffee Cans Storage

If you have a house full of coffee lovers then you’ll want to save those empty coffee cans. A little paint will transform these into counter-worthy storage…add a little chalkboard paint or labels and you move into heirloom ideas thanks to Paper Blog.

ways to organize your home for free using coffee cans, baskets, pvc pipes, and soda boxes.
Whoo hoo! More organizing ideas we just adore!

Different House Organization Ideas

22. Cardboard Shelf

Save those cardboard boxes! This is complete genius from Shady Tree Diary to use mailing boxes to create whatever paper organizer you need! This cardboard shelf is surprisingly sturdy. A cardboard shelf is a great way to organize your home on a budget. With a little inspiration, you can probably make larger items like a coffee table too.

23. Furniture Sliders

Make some free furniture sliders! I would have never thought of this one…but YES! A Slob Becomes Clean uses glossy gift bags as free furniture sliders which is really smart. It will save money and your floors.

24. DIY Record Organizer

Use albums to create these DIY record organizers. This is so smart!  Paper And Stitch uses old record sleeves to create a funky and fun organization area.  I can’t wait to do this!

25. Makeup Brush Storage

Clean out your kitchen first and repurpose a container with some glass beads {which I will find too…somewhere} for this fun makeup brush organizer.

26. How To Declutter Your Whole House

Ready to organize the entire house?  We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families! This course teaches you how to organize your home more efficiently. You’ll love the life-changing mag

Don’t forget about the Garage!  Here are some genius tips to organizing your garage space. These garage organization ideas from One Crazy House are perfect!

27. Craft Stuff Organization

And if you have an overflow of craft supplies? Check out these ways to organize your craft supplies! DIY Candy has a great idea to keep your craft stuff organized. What a great idea.

18 Effective Ways To Organize With Mason Jars
Mason jar storage is so cute!

Home Organization FAQ

Which room should I declutter first?

Start decluttering in the closets which will allow you to continue decluttering the house and have some place to store things you really do want to keep! For me, starting with my clothes closet and giving it some breathing space makes everything else declutter faster and easier. The first rooms to declutter would be kitchen and main bathroom. These are the rooms you likely spend a lot of time and squirrel things away quickly. When these rooms are decluttered, it can not only make you feel better, but can often cut your time in those rooms because it is more efficient.

What should you not do when decluttering?

The biggest mistake people make when decluttering is to get stopped by decision making. The goal is to keep going so we can finish. I love making four piles quickly — keep, throw away, giveaway & “I don’t know” – after I get through everything and put back the keep items, it is much easier to make an informed decision with the “I don’t know” pile!

How do you know if your house is too cluttered?

It is.

More Organization Ideas

Organize your entire home! Set up a command center, and free up some extra space with these great organization tips. From pantry organization to buying extra storage, we have it all.

Also see these funny April fools pranks and summer camp game ideas.

Let us know! What are your favorite organizing ideas? Which of these ways to organize your room are you going to start with first?

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  1. I love these! I’m super excited to try out some of these home organization ideas, specifically the toilet paper tubes and the chargers. I’m so tired of having phone chargers everywhere! I can keep them all together so my family won’t have to be searching around.

    1. I hear you on that!!! I am also tired of our chargers breaking due to being stepped on or not stored properly, etc. The cost of replacing them adds up! I hope these organization ideas help!