5 Earth Day Snacks & Treats Kids will Love!

Let’s celebrate Mother Earth with some Earth Day snacks & Earth Day treats!

Earth Day is upon us and one wonderful way to get the conversation started with your kids is through food. Those conversations around how to make the earth a better place can happen over these 5 Earth Day Treats Kids Will Love!

5 Earth Day Treats Kids Will Love!

One of my favorite ways to celebrate any holiday is with food, and Earth Day is no different!

Earth Day Treats & Snacks

When food is involved, my kids are all in! These 5 Earth Day Treats Kids Will Love are the perfect activities to set the stage for talking and learning. I love discussing the meaning holidays with my kids as we celebrate! We all learn something, and it gives us wonderful memories.

The kitchen is the best place for meaningful conversation! As you bake these yummy Earth Day Treats, talk with your kids about Earth Day, and how important conservation is. Ask them what they love most about nature!

Earth Day baking together - biscuits cooling on a rack
Let’s chat over some yummy Earth Day inspired food.

Video: How To Make Delicious Earth Day Treats

Earth day desserts-dirt pudding and worms, it is chocolate pudding with Oreos crumbled on top with sour worms.

Dirt Pudding With Worms

This is one of my favorite recipes! I remember my teacher in first grade making this for us many years ago. But it is also a fun recipe for Earth Day.


Well, because people don’t seem to realize how important Earth worms are! Earth worms burrowing help plants root deeper, provide food for the ecosystem, and break down organic material which is great for the soil!

Ingredients Needed To Make This Delicious Earth Day Dessert:

How To Make Dirt Pudding With Worms:
  1. Follow the instructions on the box to prepare the chocolate pudding.
  2. Combine the chocolate pudding with a scoop of whipped cream, depending how light you want the dirt. (This is optional!)
  3. Next, crush about 10-15 Oreo cookies in a plastic bag.
  4. Start layering the chocolate pudding and Oreos in a clear plastic cup. Save some of the Oreos for the top layer of “dirt”.
  5. Finally, add the gummy worms on top!
How to make earth cupcakes with blue frosting, green sprinkles, and vanilla cupcake base in liners on a rack.

Earth Day Cake

These cupcakes are simple and delicious, and yet the blue frosting reminds us of the vast ocean whereas the green reminds us of the land.

Both of which are very important to take care of!

Ingredients Needed To Make These Earth Cupcakes:

How To Make Earth Cupcakes
  1. First, follow the instructions to make the vanilla cake mix.
  2. Next, separate the cake batter into two separate bowls.
  3. Add several drops of blue food coloring to one bowl, and several drops of green to the other bowl, then mix.
  4. Scoop out a little of the blue mix and green mix into a cupcake liner,
  5. Bake the cupcakes, according to the instructions on the cake mix box.
  6. In the meantime, in a separate bowl, scoop out vanilla frosting. Add several drops of green food coloring, and then mix.
  7. For the final step, add the frosting to each cupcake when cooled!
Earth day snacks like this lemon lime, green, popcorn is a great way to celebrate Earth day.

Earth Day Popcorn

This popcorn is gooey and sweet! It is the perfect snack and kind of reminds me of kettle corn, but with a fruity flavor to it.

This green popcorn is a great Earth day snack. It’s green like the outside world around us. It can represent the grass, trees, bushes, moss, or can be a simple reminder that we need to go green to protect our planet.

Ingredients Needed To Make This Sweet Earth Day Snack:

How To Make This Earth Day Snack:
  1. First, preheat your oven to 225 degrees.
  2. After you do that, melt butter, corn syrup, and sugar together in a saucepan. Bring to a boil, and then reduce heat to a simmer.
  3. Remove from heat, add Kool-Aid, baking soda, green food coloring, and mix.
  4. Next, pour over your popcorn and mix together.
  5. Spread popcorn out on a baking sheet, and place in the oven for 40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes.
  6. Cool and break into pieces before eating.

Want to see the cutest way to serve this Earth popcorn? Simple as That has super cute ideas!

How cute are these earth day treats- they have a marshmallow base, with crumbled oreos, a pretzel stick with a piece of marshmallow dipped in sugar sprinkles that are green. They look like trees in the mud!

Easy Earth Day Snacks

These are the cutest! Plus, they double not only as the perfect Earth Day snack for preschoolers, but is also a fun Earth day idea for kindergarten kids as they’re a little better at following directions.

But you have the ground as represented by the Oreos and a tree! Trees are so important as they provide us with oxygen, fruit, nuts, herbs like cinnamon, and provide us shade on a hot day!

Ingredients Needed To Make This Easy Earth Day Snack:

How To Make This Easy Earth Day Snack:
  1. In order to get started, crush about (20) Oreos in a plastic bag.
  2. Next, place the Oreos in a clear plastic cup (to act as the dirt).
  3. Once the cups have dirt in them, cut the marshmallow in half, and add a pretzel stick to the bottom.
  4. Dip the marshmallow in water, and then in the green sprinkles.
  5. The final step is to stick the tree into the Oreo dirt.
Earth day food ideas like this green smoothie that looks thick and yummy in a mason jar with a pink and blue straw in it.

Earth Day Food Ideas

Snacks and treats are great, but sometimes we need healthy food in our lives too. Going green doesn’t just mean recycling.

Rather, we can go green too and eat more fruits and veggies. In order to take care of the world we have to be able to take care of ourselves so we have the energy to keep making our Earth a better place for everyone.

Ingredients To Make This Delicious Green Smoothie:

  • 1 Cup Plain Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup Coconut Water
  • 1 Cup Frozen Mangos
  • 2 Bananas
  • 1 Cup Frozen Strawberries
  • 2 Cups Kale
How To Make A Green Smoothie:
  1. First, add the water and yogurt into a blender.
  2. Next, add the mango, strawberries, banana, and kale.
  3. Blend, pour, and enjoy!

More Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Kids

Five Earth Day Treats Your Kids Will Love!

There are many fun ways to honor the Earth and celebrate Earth Day! As you wait for your Earth Day treats to bake, plan put what you will do next:

  • Plant a garden, or a kitchen herb garden.
  • Add a new spin to the gratitude jar, and use Mod Podge to apply dried leaves and twigs to the outside of a jar. Next, write down different things you can do to help the planet, such as: conserving electricity by turning lights off when you aren’t in the room, turning water off while brushing teeth, picking up trash in the neighborhood, and holding a lemonade stand, and donating proceeds to your favorite eco-conscious charity!
  • There are also tons of fun Earth Day crafts and recycled crafts that you can make together.
  • Go to the library and borrow books about the planet and recycling. If the library is close enough, walk or ride bikes to reduce your carbon footprint.


Looking for more ways to celebrate Earth Day at home or in the classroom?

Check out these ideas:

What is your favorite Earth Day snack or treat?

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