Potty training. Those two words can seem daunting, intimidating, and frustrating, but potty training doesn’t have to be hard. We have gathered a great list of potty training tips that can help you potty train your toddler with ease. These potty training tips are from real moms who have been in your shoes! Potty training your toddler can be done with moderate ease using these great tips.

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Potty training can be done!

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Potty Training

Today I am sharing real tips for potty training a toddler from moms that have been there, done that!  Real mom solutions to potty training will help you (the best advice comes from those that have already done it).  You can help your child, too! Potty training is a reward in itself because your child will be SO excited (and so will you!)

Tips for Potty Training Your Toddler that Work

If you are looking for real solutions for potty training your toddler, you can find them below.  These tips have all been kid-tested and mom-approved!  I have tried them and they have worked for our four kiddos…  good luck and remember ‘Different Strokes for Different Folks’ – do what works for you!

How to Get Started with Potty Training

1. Gather Your Needed Potty Training Supplies

It pays to be ready to potty train!  You need to Have everything that you need before you get started.  It is so important!
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2. Grab a Good Potty Chair that Works for Your Child

You need to get a potty chair that works for your child.  If you aren’t sure how to decide, this video will help you to pick which one is right for your child.
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3. Make Sure Your Child is Ready to Potty Train

Is your child ready to potty train? These little signs are the key to getting started.  I tell everyone that there is a window where potty training will be easy… finding that window is the key to easy training!
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4. In Case You Are Not Sure Your Child is Ready…

If you need a few more ways to find out if it is that time, these 4 signs that show you readiness will be helpful!
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5. Potty Train in a Weekend…Seriously

I  had our kids Potty trained in three days without using pull-ups- This really worked for all four of our kids, before they were two years old.  I would never do it any other way because we have always had success this way. 
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Best Potty Training Book

This is the book that we used to Potty Train in a Weekend  (it worked for all of our kids):

More Encouragement that Potty Training in Weekend is Possible

Have you ever thought about potty training in less than a day  Here are a few tips from trying out that method. 
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Grab the Free Potty Training Coloring Book

Download this free Potty Training coloring book to get started introducing it to your child.

Click Here to Download the FREE Coloring Book

6. Laid Back Timing Method for Potty Training

Some parents are more laid back about timing- and it works for them- its more of a Stress-Free Method.
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7. Potty Training Boys is Different?

Potty Training Boys is a whole new world, but it was all that I knew (our first three kids were boys!)
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8. Potty Training Girls is Different?

And then there was a little girl…  Let’s call this story The princess & the potty because potty training a girl is completely different.   They say it is easier, but I don’t believe it.  I trained our boys in about a day & our daughter took an entire weekend. 
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9. Keep a Potty Chair in Your Car

Remember this tip (oh how you will need it soon!)...  Keep a potty chair in the car – This is essential to potty training when you are out & about!
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Potty Training at Night

10. Night Training Your Child

Night-time training is a hot topic.   It can be done, but at the same time, some kids just aren’t ready for it.   I figured out how to Night-time train our child and it worked. Our first son was trained at night before he was two and he picked up on it in one day.  Easy right? hmm…  read #2 
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11. What to Do when Older Child Still Wets Bed

When your older child still wets the bed it can be hard to understand and even harder to fix.  Luckily, a doctor had some great advice (ps- don’t worry!  If your child is under 8, this is totally normal!)
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12. Minimizing Embarrassment with Older Child Bed Wetting

Speaking of older kids wetting the bed, it can be embarrassing for your child if you are Sending you bed-wetter on a sleepover, but you can do a few things to make it easier! 
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13. Tips About Keeping Dry at Night

Sometimes, when our kids have accidents at night, even with a diaper or pull-up on, it can leak (oh if I could count the number of sheets that I have changed for this!) Keeping their diaper dry at night can be done with a few little tricks that I have up my sleeve. (I did this with our babies, too!) 
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14. Tips for Potty Training During Nap Time

It can be really hard to keep a diaper on your child at nap time, because they will not want to wear it, now that they are a “big boy” or “big girl”, but sometimes, they still need it.  I tried this little tip to keep them from being able to take it off and it worked.
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15. How to Transition from Cloth Diapers to Underwear

Did you use cloth diapers? This post will tell you how to transition them to underwear!

when potty training doesn't go as planned

When it’s not going as planned in POtty Training

16. What to Do When Potty Training Doesn’t Go Well

Sometimes it just doesn’t work out as planned, so we grabbed some Real mom solutions– tips from you, for you!
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17. What to Do When Kids Will Pee But Not Poop On the Potty

We even run into the awful Potty Training Hurdles-  you know the ones… when they will pee, but not poop (yes, this happens a lot!) It can be solved.  As my mom told me “You are potty trained now, aren’t you?  They will get it, too!”
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18. When to Take a Break from Potty Training

Are you feeling overwhelmed? How about taking a Potty Break?  This post is just funny & I think you might need a laugh right about now! 
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19. Handling Potty Training Problems Like a Pro

Ok… and we’re back to talking about how to handle potty training problems – we have all been there. Find out a few more little tips from other moms on how you can solve them.
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20. Potty Training a Constipated Child

My best friend’s daughter had terrible constipation and she had to learn how to handle constipation (on a road trip).  This can be so hard on your kids (& on your heart). 
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21. Maybe it is Time to Say No to Potty Training?

Sometimes, we learn that we need to just say no to potty training
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22. Toilet Paper Craft…Just in Case

Turn it into a fun activity and make Ghost Mud with your toilet paper! haha!
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potty train a toddler - real tips that work

Potty Train In a Weekend

If you want to try potty training in three days, check out this book– this is how we trained all four of our kids in a weekend.

More Toddler Fun from Kids activities Blog

I hope that these tips to potty train a toddler were helpful.  In the end, it is all about what works best for you and your child!  Make it work for your family!  Thanks for checking out these tips and sharing them with the moms of toddlers in your life!

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