25 Grinch Crafts & Sweet Treats

Move over Santa, we love all things The Grinch. From Grinch crafts to Grinch treats we have them all!

Grinch crafts that include grinch ornaments diy, grinch cookies, and grinch snack mix.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas is of course one of our most favorite holiday movies and so are these Grinch crafts! We love the book, too.

The story behind it is lovely and of course, who doesn’t just love Whoville? 

Here are our favorite 25 Grinch Crafts & Sweet Treats all inspired by the lovable, green Grinch. Well, loveable after he had a change of heart.

25 Grinch Crafts & Sweet Treats

Paper Plate Grinch

Make a paper plate Grinch with paint and construction paper. via I Heart Crafty Things

Grinch Handprint

Paint your kids hand green to make this adorable handprint Grinch. via Kids Soup

Construction Paper Grinch

Build your own Grinch with this construction paper cut out activity for kids. via A Turtle’s Life for Me

Grinch Ornaments DIY

This simple Grinch ornament is a fun craft project that’s easy to make. via Buggy and Buddy

Cindy Lou Hair-Do 

Here is an amazing tutorial to do your own Cindy Lou Who hair! This is so fun. via Super Coupon Lady

Grinch Slime

Your kids will love playing with this Grinch inspired slime! via Little Bins for Little Hands

Grinch Handprint Card

Download this free printable handprint card and let your kids give them out to family and friends! via I Heart  Arts N Crafts

how the grinch stole christmas activities with a diy grinch card, grinch ornaments diy, grinch slime, and pin the heart on the grinch.
The Grinch ornaments DIY are so cute and a reminder that a big heart spreads kindness and joy.

Grinch Activities

Pin The Heart On The Grinch

Play pin the heart on the Grinch for a fun holiday activity kids will adore. via Twin Dragon Fly Designs

Grinch Ornaments DIY

Make this fun Grinch ornament filled with M&Ms – yum! via Jo Lynne Shane

DIY Mini Grinch

Make your own mini Grinch from a recycled toilet paper roll. via Crafts by Courtney

Tissue Paper Grinch

This tissue paper art inspired by the Grinch is super adorable and easy for kids to make. via Eighteen 25

How To Draw The Grinch

Use this template to learn how to draw the Grinch. via Art Projects For Kids

DIY Clay Grinch Handprint Ornament

Make a clay Grinch handprint ornament to adorn your tree. via Midget Momma

Crafting Supplies We Recommend:

Here are some kid friendly products we recommend to use for the Grinch crafts above!

Grinch Treats and Grinch Snacks

Grinch Punch

Kids will get a kick out of this Grinch Punch. It’s fruit, fizzy, incredibly green, and has a red sugar rim. via Simplistically Living

Grinch Pretzel Bites

These Grinch inspired pretzel bites are so yummy! These are so easy to make and just involve candy melts and heart sprinkles…and pretzels of course. via Two Sisters Crafting

Grinch Food: Kabobs

These Grinch kabobs are made with your favorite fruits and would be a fun holiday snack. They are super healthy with a single marshmallow on top. via Raining Hot Coupons

Grinch Juice

The perfect drink for a holiday party would be this festive Grinch juice! It’s citrusy, sweet, with a hint of vanilla and almond, yum! via Sandy Toes and Popsicles

Grinch Cookies

I love these Grinch cookies made from cake mix. Cake mix makes cookies incredibly soft and moist. via In Katrina’s Kitchen

Grinch Hot Cocoa Bombs

These Grinch Hot Cocoa Bombs are a fun activity and a sweet treat at the same time. Just plop them into milk and watch them melt away. via Simplistically Living

grinch snacks and grinch desserts that includes grinch cake cookies, grinch pound cake, grinch kabobs, and grinch pretzel bites.
I need all of these Grinch desserts in my belly!

Grinch Desserts

Green Grinch Cake With A Heart

Green Grinch cake with a heart in the middle – how cute! Plus the outside has delicious green frosting and red sprinkles. via The Bearfoot Baker

Grinch Sugar Cookies

Grinch sugar cookies are adorable and delicious. Plus, they’re fun to make. Your guests or even Santa will love them. via Wanna Bite

Grinch Cupcakes

Grinch Cupcakes may just be the sweetest treats you try all winter! Chocolate cupcakes with green frosting and a single red heart? Yes please! via Simplistically Living

Jello Fruit Cups

Make your kids these jello fruit cups with the Grinch’s face on them! These are perfect for festive school lunches. via The Keeper of The Cheerios

Red and Green Grinch Popcorn

Red and green Grinch popcorn is the perfect snack when you watch the movie with your family! If the popcorn wasn’t sweet enough it also has white marshmallows and red M&M’s. via Two Sisters Crafting

Whoville Kids Cookies

These red and green Whooville cookies are so much fun! These swirled cookies also are coated in festive sprinkles. via Midget Momma

Hershey Kiss Grinch Cookies

Here are more awesome Grinch cookies with a peppermint Hershey kiss on top. It gives these sweet cookies a minty touch! via Aileen Cooks

Hot Vanilla Milk

Move over hot chocolate, this hot vanilla milk is green and inspired by the Grinch himself. via Two Sisters Crafting

Whoville Kids Pudding

This Whoo pudding is super easy to make if you’re looking for a quick and festive snack! Who doesn’t love green pudding. You could even top it with whipped cream and red sprinkles as well. via Our Surprise Dates

Ingredients We Recommend

If your child has an allergy or sensitivity to gluten and/or dairy, here’s some easy alternatives you can use! Or if you want to make the desserts a bit healthier, try using some of these sugar substitutes.

disclaimer: depending on where you live (at altitude for example!) you may have to adjust your recipe when substituting ingredients.

  • Sugar substitutes – Stevia, maple syrup, erythritol sweetener, apple sauce, or honey.
  • Milk alternatives – Almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, or soy milk.
  • Gluten free floursBrown rice flour, coconut flour, rice flour, or tapioca.
  • Another product we’d recommend you use, is green food coloring. To get the best results in your Grinchy treats, this vibrant food coloring pack is the way to go!

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