These edible Christmas trees are delicious snacks and desserts idea that all look like Christmas trees perfect for the holiday season. I love making festive holiday treats and these edible Christmas trees are fun! There are Christmas tree snacks, sweets, dinner ideas and healthy Christmas tree options, too.

edible christmas trees - treats shaped like trees - collage of Christmas tree food ideas
These Christmas trees are so yummy!

Edible Christmas Tree Food Ideas for the Holidays

1. Waffles Christmas Tree Treat

Christmas tree food- Christmas tree waffles green with m&ms- kids activities blog
Make Christmas tree waffles with M&M’s!

Use food coloring to make these fun green Christmas tree waffles and decorate the with candy!

2. Pull Apart Pizza Dough Christmas Tree Recipe

Christmas tree food- pizza dough Christmas tree on a white plate- kids activities blog
Dip these Christmas tree pizza balls in marinara or ranch. So good!

This holiday snack looks like a delicious edible Christmas tree. via Ready Set Eat

3. Christmas Tree Grapes and Fruit Tray

Christmas tree food- grapes, cheese, and fruit tray on wooden board- kids activities blog
This is such a healthy Christmas tree snack!

A healthy Christmas snack, this grape and fruit tray shaped like a tree is a kid favorite. via Real Mom Kitchen

4. Nutella Christmas Tree Treat Pie

Christmas tree food- nutella Christmas tree pie on a background with berries- kids activities blog
This Nutella Christmas tree pie looks so good and rich.

Oh my goodness, this looks so good! Pie crust + Nutella = amazing! via All Recipes

5. Christmas Veggie Tree Food

Christmas tree food- veggie tree with broccoli and tomatoes- kids activities blog
This veggie Christmas tree is the perfect appetizer before Christmas dinner.

Here is another awesome healthy holiday snack. via Betty Crocker

6. Chocolate Strawberry Tree Treat

Christmas tree food- Chocolate strawberry tree on a plate on a wood platter- kids activities blog
If you love fruit and chocolate, then you’ll like this strawberry chocolate tree.

This is such a pretty Christmas snack! via Home Stories A to Z

7. Christmas Tree Brownies Treat

Christmas tree food- Christmas tree brownies with frosting, sprinkles, and candy canes- kids activities blog
These brownie Christmas trees will be so much fun to decorate.

These brownies with green frosting and a candy cane stem are so good. via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

8. Christmas Tree Pizza Recipe

Christmas tree food- Christmas tree pizza on a linen background and veggies- kids activities blog
This Christmas tree pizza looks sooooo good.

Make a Christmas tree pizza! This would be a fun Christmas Eve dinner idea. via Food Network

edible christmas trees - savory tree shaped food like cheese tray, pinwheels, and veggie tray
That pinwheel Christmas tree looks so good!

9. Meat and Cheese Christmas Tree Tray

We love meat and cheese trays at family gatherings. Here’s how to shape it like a tree! via MommyGaga

10. Oreo Truffle Tree Treat

Christmas tree food- Oreo truffles with green chocolate and sprinkles on a wooden platter- kids activities blog
If you’ve never had an Oreo truffle then you’re missing out.

Pile up your Oreo truffles into a gorgeous edible tree. via MomEndeavors

11. Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree Recipe

Christmas tree food- Cinnamon roll ball Christmas tree with sprinkles and frosting- kids activities blog
This cinnamon roll Christmas tree is the ultimate Christmas breakfast!

I’m totally making this on Christmas morning! via Pillsbury

12. Rice Krispie Trees Treat

Christmas tree food- Rice tree Krispie treat green with frosting, chocolate, and sprinkles- kids activities blog
How cute are these Rice Krispie treats?!

Kids will love making holiday rice krispie treats with you! via Cooking Classy

13. Cream Cheese Danishes Breakfast Recipe

Christmas tree food- cream cheese Danish Christmas tree breakfast- kids activities blog
Danishes…Christmas trees… yes please!

Yum! This is perfect for Christmas morning. These easy homemade danishes in the shape of a tree are so fun. via Walking On Sunshine Recipes

14. Christmas Pinwheels Snack

Christmas tree food- Christmas pinwheels with cream cheese, berries, and green tortilla- kids activities blog
I love pinwheels, best snack ever.

These cranberry and feta cheese pinwheels in the shape of a Christmas tree is a super cute and totally original holiday food. via The Girl Who Ate Everything

15. Christmas Cupcake Tree 

Christmas tree food- Christmas tree cupcake with powdered sugar, green and white frosting, and red cupcake liner- kids activities blog
Make these Christmas cupcake trees to impress everyone!

These cupcakes are so gorgeous. They look like a tree right off the farm. via Preppy Kitchen

edible christmas trees- wafles, cinnamon rolls, stuffed strawberries, and cupcakes
Those Christmas tree cupcakes look so realistic. They’re almost too pretty to eat!

More yummy Christmas recipes From Kids Activities Blog

What is your favorite Christmas tree recipe? Share it with us in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you!

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