These Are The Sneakiest Animals You’ve Seen Today! [Video]

Animals are natural clowns, but who knew they were also total sneaks!

These animals are all trying to get away with something…in the most adorable way possible.

Good thing their owners were there to catch it on video for the world to see!  

Sneaky animals video - Kids Activities Blog
Just a little sneaky…

Except for this first one…it’s hard to prove you have a sneaky cat when all you can see is his paw…

Funny Sneaky Animals Video

Can you believe that cat?

How funny!

Even better was that the other cat didn’t seem to care at all.  

That is definitely one adorable little cat burglar.

Funny Sneaky Animal Videos

Do you have a funny story about a sneaky animal in your life?

Want to see more sneaky, sneaky animals?

What a Pig Video

This pig waited for just the right time to try to steal some food from the fridge. What a little  sneak!


Did the sneaky animal videos make you giggle?