It’s A Kangaroo Party! I Have Never Seen This Many in One Place [Video]

Animal videos are a hit at my house.  

It really just needs to be something we can’t see at our suburban home in Texas…so this definitely qualifies!

Kangaroos are funny creatures to begin with…

Kangaroo Party Video - Kids Activities blog
Hey! It is a kangaroo!

Just to encounter one would seem like a treat.

Even a little magical.

But what if you were riding your bike and you encountered 2, 3, 4…10?


Too many to count!

kangaroos - kids activities blog

This is crazy-amazing!  

I haven’t seen ONE kangaroo outside of a zoo, let alone a whole flock.  OK, so maybe a group of kangaroos aren’t actually called a flock, but a flock seems to fit in this case.

Check out all the kangaroo fun.

Take a look!

Biker Comes Across So Many Kangaroos Video

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Bike riding would be so much more fun if kangaroos were involved!