Adorable Baby And Kangaroo Are Best Friends

When I was a little girl, my family lived on a farm in Florida. I spent hours outside with the geese, chickens, and rabbits, and never felt any fear about being near any of them. The geese would chase my mom on a regular basis. African geese. They had hooked bills and though they never caught her, there was definitely a reason to worry she’d be missing a chunk if they ever did. These same geese would hang out around me and my brothers without incident. I don’t know what the difference was, but there it was. So while I’ve never in my life imagined introducing a baby to a kangaroo, I can totally understand how something that might come across as dangerous to an adult can be nothing but lovely and wonderful to a child. This little girl, Alia, has been best friends with the kangaroo Boomaroo, since the day she was born. They take naps together, dress alike, share snacks, and just enjoy life on the farm together – take a look!

Alia is no stranger to living among wild animals. Her mother is a children’s book author and takes these animals around to local elementary schools to educate the children on them. Alia has a best friend who is a kangaroo, as well as a sloth named Rosie. Definitely a memorable childhood, and hopefully years of stories to come!

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