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Let’s have some fun with fun facts about cheetahs for kids! Got a young one that loves big cats? Then it’s your lucky day! Today we are learning some fun facts about cheetahs with our cheetah facts that double as cheetah coloring pages. Download & print our facts about cheetahs printables for a day filled with learning and coloring fun. Keep scrolling to find the PDF download link!

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Let’s learn some fun facts about cheetahs with these coloring sheets!

Free Printable Cheetah Facts Coloring Pages

Let’s test your cheetah knowledge! Did you know that cheetahs are one of the big cat family members, along with the lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar, and panther? These large cats can reach top speeds of 60 or even 70 miles per hour, making them the world’s fastest land animal. Cheetahs roam in open grasslands and are known for being social, with the exception of female cheetahs who are solitary animals unless they are rearing baby cheetahs.

Those are just some general facts about cheetahs, but guess what – we have even more!

10 interesting facts about cheetahs

  • The cheetah is the fastest animal on land.
  • Cheetahs have a yellow coat with black dots and a white underbelly.
  • Wild cheetahs can be found in sub-Saharan Africa, where they enjoy running across grassy savannah plains and forests. 
  • It can reach speeds of 60 or even 70 mph over short distances, but after a while, it usually reaches only 30 mph.
  • Cheetahs live up to 14 years in the wild, and 20 in captivity.
  • Cheetahs can grow to be 3.6ft and 4.5ft long, and weigh between 75lbs and 119lbs.
  • Cheetahs are carnivores, which means they eat meat. They live off animals like rabbits, warthogs, springboks, gazelles and birds.
  • Cheetahs have exceptional eyesight which helps them find prey during the day.
  • These felines prefer to hunt during the day to avoid competition from lions, hyenas and leopards.
  • Cheetahs are social animals which means they prefer to be in groups who live and hunt together.
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Did you know these cheetah facts?

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