Panda Facts Coloring Pages

Today we have panda facts coloring pages, because… Who doesn’t love pandas? They’re so adorable, it’s impossible not to want to hug one!

Kids of all ages will enjoy reading and coloring these fun panda facts printables, which also double as coloring pages. Score!

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These panda facts coloring pages are super duper fun to color!

Free printable panda facts coloring pages

We all know pandas: those bears that live in bamboo forests, love eating bamboo, have a beautiful black and white coat, and are China’s national treasure. But, did you also know that pandas are very shy? They are so shy that they don’t like being where humans live. Or that more than 30% of the world’s giant pandas live in Sichuan province, in China?

Or did you know that the red panda is not really a bear like the giant panda is?

There’s so much to learn about pandas, so keep reading to find our pdf link with our facts about pandas coloring pages.

Let’s see what we’ll need to color these coloring sheets:


This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

10 interesting facts about pandas

  • Giant pandas live around 20 years in the wild. 
  • Pandas live in temperate forests in the mountains of China.
  • They grow to be about 4-5 feet and weigh around 300 pounds. 
  • Pandas eat mostly just bamboo shoots and leaves. They spend about 12 hours a day eating.
  • Their distinct black-and-white fur pattern is used for camouflage: white fur helps them hide in snowy habitats and black fur helps them hide in shade.
  • Mother pandas keep contact with their cub all of the time during their first month to keep them protected. 
  • Sometimes, pandas do handstands while peeing to mark their scent.
  • Pandas regularly poop 40 times a day.
  • Pandas are shy and don’t venture into areas where humans live.
  • Pandas can climb as high as 13,000 feet and are very good swimmers.
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Download & print these fun facts about pandas printables!

Download here:

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What was your favorite panda fact? Mine was #2!

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