The day you install a backyard pool is an exciting time.  

Dreams of all the summer fun dance in your head.

Pool parties!  Splashing in the sun!  Swimming under the stars of a summer night.

One family had unexpected visitors who had similar dreams…

Bears Take a Swim in Backyard Pool Video from Kids Activities Blog
Not just human families dream about having a pool…

What in the world would you do if you looked out in your backyard and saw a mother bear with 5 cubs playing in your pool?

And swinging on your swing set?

And sliding down your slide?

Check out the surprise that this family had when their pool was full of…bears!

Bears in the Pool - Kids Activities Blog

This video makes me giggle so much.

I have probably watched it at least 100 times with my kids.

Bear Family in Backyard Pool Video


Are you like me and wishing you could put a pool in your backyard JUST for bears?

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