Printable Fun Facts About Bald Eagles for Kids

Let’s learn bald eagle fun facts today! We created the best bald eagle facts coloring pages for kids of all ages to print and color. If you have ever wondered whether the bald eagle is bald or not, or how fast they can fly, you’ll be glad to know we have the answers for you!

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Free Printable Bald Eagle Facts for Kids

The bald eagle is more than one of the most famous birds in North America, it is also the national emblem of the United States, so it’s very important to learn about it from a young age. In fact, the bald eagle is so important that it received protections under the Endangered Species Act back in 1967.

And today, we are learning all about this national bird! These birds have a white head and dark brown body – however, they are not actually bald. Besides eating fish, bald eagles eat other small birds, snakes, and small mammals, and need tall trees to build their nests.

There’s so much to learn about them… so let’s get started!

10 interesting facts about the bald eagle

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  1. Bald eagles are large birds of prey native to North America. 
  2. The bald eagle has been the U.S.’ national emblem and mascot since 1782. 
  3. They live mostly in forests near bodies of water, like rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.
  4. The bald eagle isn’t bald, but it’s named like that because it looks bald from a distance.
  5. Bald eagles have a wingspread of 7ft, but their bodies are only 34-35 inches, and they weigh 6.5 to 14 pounds.
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  1. Bald eagles eat fish, ducks, snakes, turtles, rabbits, and dead animals. 
  2. They can reach speeds of up to 100mph when diving.
  3. The bald eagle can fly up to 10,000ft in the air, and can soar for hours using thermal convection currents.
  4. At 4 or 5 years old, bald eagles choose a mating partner and the two birds will mate for life, unless one eagle dies or disappears.
  5. A mating bald eagle pair produces up to three eggs a year, and both parents take turns incubating their eggs.
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Did you know these facts about bald eagles?

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