Today, we have 10 fun facts about red pandas to download and print. Wild animal fans are sure to love these red panda interesting facts about this adorable endangered species with bushy tails. Simply download and print the fun facts about red pandas and have some fun while learning about these fascinating creatures. The red panda facts printables are great for classroom instruction with a little bit of coloring fun added in!

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Let’s learn about the red panda!


Are you ready to learn fun red panda facts? Interesting facts, like, why are these adorable animals an endangered species, do they just eat bamboo shoots and bamboo leaves, and are they related to the white giant pandas? You can download our printable sheets for facts about red pandas, go ahead and press the red button below:

Not only are these solitary animals cute and cuddle worthy but the female red pandas are great mamas. The ever-doting mother nests her red panda cubs in hollow trees. The nests are made from tree branches, leaves, grass, and reddish-brown moss to provide cover for the baby red pandas. Here are 10 of our favorite panda facts that you can download, print, and color!

10 Red Panda Fun Facts You Don’t Know

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This is our first page in our red panda facts printable set!
  1. Adult red pandas are small mammals that can live from 8 to 10 years in the wild.
  2. They are more related to raccoons and recent genetic research suggests a relation to weasels more than the famous giant panda.
  3. They were given the name ‘panda’ by Frédéric Cuvier, he called them the most beautiful animal he’d ever seen. This was about 50 years before a separate species of the black-and-white variety.
  4. The Chinese red panda is roughly the size of a large domestic cat, about 22 to 25 inches, plus a long tail of 15 to 19 inches, and a body weight ranging from eight to 17 pounds.
  5. They are native to the Eastern Himalayas; Nepal, Northern Myanmar, and central China.
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This is the second printable page in our red panda facts set!
  1. The Himalayan red panda with their white markings is often referred to as the lesser panda, red bear-cat, and red cat-bear.
  2. Red pandas spend about 90% of their time high up in the trees in the conifer forests of the mountains; which is how they avoid predators.
  3. They’re vegetarian carnivores, meaning they descend from carnivorous ancestors. They are mostly a bamboo eater and may eat a few insects.
  4. The western red panda is endangered. There are fewer than 10,000 in the wild, in their natural habitat.
  5. Red panda populations are victims of habitat loss and they are hunted for their red fur.

Our pdf file includes two coloring pages filled with many fun facts about the red panda you’ll not want to miss! Print enough to share and give to friends, or give one to an entire classroom of kids.

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Don’t forget to download and print our Red Panda fun fact worksheets!


This red panda facts set is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.


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